Sunday, August 3, 2014

"...said no Whipple ever."

while benjamin & i spent the fourth of july in spain, that didn't keep the rest of my family from keeping with tradition & gathering in eugene, oregon for a family reunion. the whipple reunion is always a good, crazy time (here is a post i did about the whipple reunion last year). my cousin lauren put together a funny video asking various family members, "what will you never hear a whipple say?" the results are a riot. the funny part is, we're (& i say "we" about the whipple family as a whole, even though ben & i weren't there this year) not exaggerating this stuff we say. we really couldn't order drinks at restaurants. some of us really have weeded the lawn on christmas eve or a few hours before prom. & we never took fancy trips. it's all true. :) check it out:

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