Thursday, August 21, 2014

vancouver: the rest of our trip.

i was really excited to spend a few extra days in vancouver with ben after my parents drove home. i really fell in love with this place after spending a week there last summer. it's always so perfect. we had mild weather, beautiful forest trails to run in, delicious places to eat at.......& lots of shakespeare to watch, dang it!

last year we saw hamlet at vancouver's annual shakespeare festival, called "bard on the beach," & this year we saw a midsummer night's dream. it was funky & whimsical & we loved it. puck sported a bleach-blonde mohawk, black eyeliner, & a tutu, snippets of modern songs such as "fancy" & "blurred lines" popped up at various times throughout the play, the steampunk-outfitted fairies randomly broke into barbershop quartet-esque song, &, being a shakespeare comedy, it was not without its bawdy humor about various private parts. "bard on the beach" has become one of my favorite parts about visiting vancouver, & as you can see from the photo ben took below, the whole setup really is right there on the beach.

we tried out aphrodite's cafe, which was another perfect choice (good pick, ben!). even though the cafe is on a busy street, it totally had that feel of being, i don't know, a quiet b&b somewhere far from the busy part of town. they really nailed it.

we split the southwest quesadilla, carrot-apple juice, & a slice of ham, cheese & mushroom quiche. each item seemed more delicious than the last, but that quesadilla might have won it all:

after lunch at aphrodite's, we checked out a bookstore across the street that had been in my direct line of sight the entire it was beckoning to me. it was called "banyan books & music," & reminded me completely & unequivocally of another unique & special bookstore (gosh we love that show). it was great. while there, i found a book called womanity's cosmic blueprint, & although we didn't buy it at the time, we're all in luck! it can be found HERE.

so, i....thought i had more photos than this, because ben & i did lots of other fun things while i was in town, but i see i managed to successfully not document any of them. therefore, goodbye for now!

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