Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2014 ragnar adirondacks, part two.

the adirondacks ragnar might just be the prettiest running course in all the land, i tell you. IN ALL THE LAND. 

this house! the white, with the black shutters?! it's breaking my heart!

& just to make ^all that^ even BETTER (like adding insult to injury, but in a good way) this tree was parked right out front:

we also stumbled upon the most impeccably still field in existence, complete with...

1) this perfectly aged barn framed by those red leaves:

2) those bright, deep green trees in the background:

3) the bluest of skies:

4) a quiet little pond that moonlights as an excellent mirror (look at that reflection!):

(& meanwhile, let's get a slightly closer look at that tree being reflected, shall we?)

5) fog across the street, with the leaves & fields all bright & dewey in the morning:

6) technicolor leaves:

7) & ooh gosh, here's me, looking very rough. it was 6 am & i had run two separate times on two hours of sleep, alright?? :)

we passed this pretty pretty house at one of our exchange points. the ragnar volunteer told us the house had been built in the mid-1800s. no one lives there now, & a few years ago the home was bought by the local bank. it's all quite "a rose for emily," is it not?

more technicolor leaves:

so a river runs through it (& now it behooves me to share this photo, for obvious reasons):


until next time, ragnar adirondacks! (i'm crossing my fingers that there will be a next time :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

2014 ragnar adirondacks, part one.

here's something crazy...i ran in a ragnar this weekend! a ragnar is a relay race in which a team of typically 12 runners takes turns running a course of about 200 miles. each runner runs 3 separate legs, & there is always someone on your team out running on the course, which runs straight through the night without stopping. my 3 legs took place at about 4:30 pm, 3:30 am the next morning, & 2 pm later that day. while it was the third ragnar i've done overall, it was the very first one i've ever run while pregnant...25 weeks pregnant, to be exact! while the crazy ragnar sleep schedule & intense running regimen played a jedi mind trick or two on my pregnant body, overall i felt GREAT & i gotta say, i'm feeling very proud of myself right about now. but enough of that. 

i loved my team, & my van in particular - a team of 12 is usually split into two vans with 6 runners in each. my van was filled with some of the kindest, funniest, & most awesome ladies i know here. sharing a ragnar van with someone is quite the funny bonding experience - what with all the running & sweatiness, backseat outfit changes, bathroom breaks, quick naps, & more, you really see a completely new side of your teammates & come out at the end having totally bonded in a unique way.

here are some of my teammates (aren't our matching hot pink shirts great? if you looked closely [you can't quite tell in these pictures] they are snakeskin print. our team was called the snake charmers..."insert inappropriate joke here," we said all weekend). along the course vans could stop & offer water & words of encouragement to their runners, so that's what's happening in these photos.

love steph's wave in this one:

we had the mother/daughter combination of alex & marilee moe on our team, & it's just...they're babes. here they are:

marilee waiting in the little corral for the relay "baton" (an orange snap bracelet) to be passed to her, for the official start of her first leg (something i love about ragnars is that you ran way out on these country roads that you probably wouldn't normally see otherwise. so the handoffs are in random places, like by this giant field out in the forest, & overall, you have these amazing views as you run. the adirondacks, especially, is the best. IT WAS SO GORGEOUS):

& we have a visual on the bracelet:

steph ending, marilee starting:

there she goes!

basically my entire van was full of babes:

marilee was sweet & grabbed my camera a few different times, to take photos of me as i ran. although i feel like pictures of me running, at this point, are more or less equivalent to pictures of, like, a passing school bus or a ford f-150, i'm glad to have them.

here i come:

& there i go:

here i come again, later (those beautiful red leaves!)

holding the snap bracelet, ready to pass it on to emily:

& the handoff:

there is never a shortage of heavily-decorated 14-seater vans at a ragnar. you'll see ones bedazzled with christmas lights, covered in those washable markers, streamers flying from the windows, &, perhaps unsurprisingly, lots of references to sex, certain body parts, alcohol, etc. we did this fun thing where we checked off a box whenever we finished a round of running. this is also the order we ran in every time:

taping a few rubber snakes to our van actually felt quite tame when compared to the vans that proclaimed "will run 4 beer," or the mixed gender van that had "racks & sacks" written all over their windows. haha:

36 hours & 200 miles later...the finish line! the ragnar started in saratoga springs, & ended in lake placid, in the shadow of all the old, abandoned, somewhat eerie remnants of the winter olympics that were held here:

the whole team together:

these ragnars are always so fun, & so nutty. it's usually around 3 am, as i'm running on a road in the pitch black with only a tiny headlamp to light the way, & constantly worrying that a bear or a killer is going to sneak up on me at any second, that i think, "why am i doing this again?! why did i sign up for another one of these?!" but that feeling is quickly forgotten whenever i'm with the rest of my team...and/or when we've crossed the finish line at the end & are done. HA!

so. running a ragnar while pregnant. i did it!

another post, full of some of the breathtaking scenery we took in while running & driving through the adirondacks, coming soon. you can see the other time i ran this same ragnar in the adirondacks, two years ago (with ben!), HERE.


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