Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2014 ragnar adirondacks, part two.

the adirondacks ragnar might just be the prettiest running course in all the land, i tell you. IN ALL THE LAND. 

this house! the white, with the black shutters?! it's breaking my heart!

& just to make ^all that^ even BETTER (like adding insult to injury, but in a good way) this tree was parked right out front:

we also stumbled upon the most impeccably still field in existence, complete with...

1) this perfectly aged barn framed by those red leaves:

2) those bright, deep green trees in the background:

3) the bluest of skies:

4) a quiet little pond that moonlights as an excellent mirror (look at that reflection!):

(& meanwhile, let's get a slightly closer look at that tree being reflected, shall we?)

5) fog across the street, with the leaves & fields all bright & dewey in the morning:

6) technicolor leaves:

7) & ooh gosh, here's me, looking very rough. it was 6 am & i had run two separate times on two hours of sleep, alright?? :)

we passed this pretty pretty house at one of our exchange points. the ragnar volunteer told us the house had been built in the mid-1800s. no one lives there now, & a few years ago the home was bought by the local bank. it's all quite "a rose for emily," is it not?

more technicolor leaves:

so a river runs through it (& now it behooves me to share this photo, for obvious reasons):


until next time, ragnar adirondacks! (i'm crossing my fingers that there will be a next time :)

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