Thursday, September 25, 2014

"dexter" opening sequence.

opening credits of shows can be divisive things. you either love the song, or the opening itself is just as iconic as any episode of the show (like friends) or you can be like me when i watched "orange is the new black," & for some inexplicable reason i hated the opening credits & the song so much i would have to mute the computer & open a new window or something so i wouldn't have to watch (which is weird, because normally i'm a huge regina spektor fan! i don't know. it just wasn't working for me).

when i'm watching a show on netflix, i'll hear the same opening song so often, episode after episode, i'll have it stuck in my head for weeks. the song will play through my mind when i'm jogging, walking to work, or doing anything, & it'll be stuck there long after i've finished the show. you can't imagine how sick ben got of the veronica mars opening music, & yet he can sing it by heart, because he heard me singing it all the time. 

anyway, opening credits. there are some cool ones out there. take the opening credits for the show "dexter." dexter is this secret serial killer who's also out & about living a normal life on the surface. the credits show him doing these complete normal tasks - shaving, tying his shoes, making breakfast - & yet there's a weirdly unsettling feeling to it all. for an instance, whatever he's doing seems all-too serial killer-y, & then you're like, "oh, wait. he was just opening the meat package." it's pretty cool, & also slightly unnerving, which are pretty awesome & weird feelings to feel all at the same time. anyway, here 'tis:

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