Saturday, September 20, 2014

sweater thoughts.

^^if you saw the above photo & thought, "whoa, she kinda looks dead behind the eyes," you're not too far off.  this week was a rough one for me. a deep, fierce cold moved in & took over the joint last sunday night, & it's gone pretty strong all the way through to today. congestion, rattling coughs, a never-ending runny nose...the whole song & dance. imagine, like, this level kind of stuff

needless to say, this cold, which has left me pretty much in a constant state of discomfort, has had a large & unfortunate effect on my sleep schedule, which is already pretty wonky because BABY BELLY. anyway. i'll end all the sick talk there, but yes, dead behind the eyes. :)

last night i took ben back to the whitney museum to catch the jeff koons retrospective (i had seen it with friends, as documented briefly HERE, but ben had yet to take it all in). after a long work day & the sick-sick, i still DID want to go to the exhibit, but i wanted to do it while feeling as cozy as possible. dropping temperatures lately has left the air not cold enough for a thick jacket, but just brisk enough for a chunky sweater of some kind. ie PERFECT WEATHER.

i've been pretty obsessed with long, thick sweaters the past few weeks (& of course it goes without saying, the longer & thicker, the better [we're still talking about sweaters :) ]). with my body growing & changing & doing its thing, i want to just be able to wrap up in something that i know will cover anything  up i want to cover (because i'm also still figuring out this maternity clothes thing. i can still wear pre-pregnancy jeans, but i have to do the rubber-band trick, which sometimes makes the jeans a tad baggy, & if i'm not wearing a long enough shirt you can see the rubber-band in all its magic peeking out sometimes, &....&....on & on). sweaters that wrap you up like a cocoon, you know? i have a feeling i'm going to be all about that this fall & winter.

in case you're interested...sweater is h&m, scarf & shirt are madewell, watch is michael kors, jeans are urban outfitters, shoes are thrifted.

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  1. So sorry you've been sick! It seems like once every pregnancy I got a terrible cold/flu, so much worse than in my non-pregnant state. Hope you're on the mend soon.



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