Tuesday, September 16, 2014

instagram-a-rama & other phone pictures.

a few photos from my instagram lately &, to provide something for those who follow me on instagram & have seen that stuff already, a few rogue photos from my phone picture archives as well.

ben & maggie, our friends' baby. she was only a few days old when i snapped this picture! #futurefatherofamerica:

ben's non-school reading these days consists mostly of any child & baby books we can find (although he is also working his way through this book, which came highly recommended from yours truly after i used it as a major text in a chapter of my thesis). that ina may! so sassy. so smart. ben learned lots about childbirth - probably even more than he wanted to know, what with the incredibly detailed photos ina provides & all - from her book:

the mindy project is starting back up TONIGHT! i screenshat ("screenshat," of course, being the past tense of "screenshot" :) this from mindy kaling's instagram because i loved the gathering of all her current & ex-boyfriends in the elevator. cue the theme song!

"michael jackson and bubbles," a sculpture i saw at the jeff koons retrospective that's currently happening at the whitney museum (which, by the by, is a great exhibit. i went with a few friends [whom you'll see in just a second] & i would love to go back & bring benny boy this time. it lasts through october so there's time!)

said friends at the whitney museum, getting all self-reflective with one of his many balloon sculptures:

i have lots of pregnant friends right now. from left to right, we're due in october, the beginning of december, also the beginning of december, & me, bringing up the rear, in january:

i met up with ben one day after work, & he immediately held my bag (because he's a gentleman like that?). we then stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things. & upon walking into our building, our doorman handed us two packages that had arrived. it was around this time that i noticed sweet benjamin was carrying ALL OF THE THINGS. whoooooopsy daisy:

cute babies at church, i repeat, CUTE BABIES AT CHURCH:

we bought this stroller the other day (& it now takes up approximately 3/4 of the already small space known as our front room. i'm mostly kidding) because we'll be parents soon & whatnot. i found it on craigslist, & it's in excellent condition. we're pretty happy with it (aka HOLY SCHNIKE SHIZ IS GETTING REAL AROUND HERE FOLKS).

a pretty view from our walk in central park the other night with cousins of mine who stayed with us:

& i'll end this post with a photo of some of our favorite new york people:

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