Thursday, September 11, 2014

odds & ends from around the internet.

1. image found via my pinterest page.

2. classic movies changed not to be sexist. for the sound of music, "the original mrs. von trapp had access to birth control & chose to stop having children after liesl."

3. a photographer imagines what her life would have been like through portraits with completely different kinds of men & families...i loved this. as one commenter put it, "the project [raises] questions of whether heterosexual women's lives are simply a reflection of their male spouse."

4. 18 apps to jumpstart your creativity. #5 seems really awesome. 

4.5. this print ^^^

5. if you care about this sort of thing, then a few collections from new york fashion week i'm planning on spending a minute or two looking through (all the while knowing i won't be able to afford any of it) are michael kors, delpozo, oscar de la renta, & the row. because clothes can be really pretttyyyyy.

6. the further along this pregnancy train i am, the harder it gets to run, & the more varied my exercises will be. yoga, elliptical machines, stationery bikes...that sort of thing. i just bought these to help me feel okay about that whole transition.

7. i read this article in the nyt this morning about lena dunham, & found it exceptionally interesting. everyone has their opinion about ms. dunham, but it was just a really well-written & interesting article. 

8. speaking of reading, i'm in the middle of this.

good night!

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  1. I read that Lena Dunham piece too, and I agree that it was outstanding.

    #3 was fascinating. Our lives are not our own -- we are made out of little pieces of our environment, human and non-, every one of us. That's a good thing. My own autonomous head makes a pretty lonely prison cell.



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