Monday, September 1, 2014

one more [solitary] spin around the sun.

yesterday i turned 27. it's a day i've been dreading for a while now - a few months, actually, to be exact - because i knew ben would be gone-zo, outta town, off in the great white north, making science happen by shooting lasers out of his fingertips emperor palpatine style (but in a nice way, like, he'd be shooting helpful lasers out of his fingertips, ones that would benefit humankind, & not the kind of lasers that could potentially kill someone like luke skywalker or darth vader, who is ***SPOILER ALERT*** luke's father). 

here's something about me: when ben's out of town longer than six days (i have the timing down to a science) i get a little...crazy. right up until the six day mark, i'm all, "this is great! i'm gonna go eat a spoonful of nutella or five! i'm going to buy a new pair of shoes or five! i'll watch 'bachelor in paradise' without worrying that they'll say something dumb enough to make ben roll his eyes with enough power to cause a seismic disturbance [it never works, they always say dumb stuff on that show]!" yes, i definitely miss him in that time, but there's a novelty to having an entire apartment to oneself, you know? after six days, though, things get dark. things get depressive. things get ugly. things want to state loudly, leaving no question as to who is in charge, "COME. HOME. NOW" (& of course, when i say "things," i actually mean, "i" :). *& i need to stop here & say this in no way compares to people who have spouses who leave for months at a time for work, military service, or other things like that. i recognize that.*

so how is it that i, the girl (can you still call a 27-yo a "girl," or is she a "lady," or...?) who considers herself pretty independent & confident, melts into a puddle after being separated from a person for only a handful of days? hours, really? (& not just any person...a man, no less! :) [or, at 27, is ben a "guy," or...?]). it boggles the mind. when i think about it like that, i want to shake my fists at the heavens & sing to ben, "CURSE you! you little prying pan-DO-raaa! you little DEMON!

anyway, where was i? ah yes. slightly dreading my birthday. i have some amazing friends that really pulled through. a baby shower lunch (not for your 7th favorite blogger) with a small group of good friends in the early afternoon. massages, a movie, dinner, & serious chat time with one of the best girls in the city. funny, sweet, & delightful phone calls, texts, emails, & facebook messages from dear friends & family, people i haven't spoken to in ten years, & the entire spectrum in between. i'm always pleasantly surprised when people take the time to leave a little note of some kind for me on my birthday. treats from ben have been popping up in the mail all week: flower deliveries, a snoogle (MY LIFE HAS BEEN DRASTICALLY ALTERED FOR THE BETTER), books, & lo, ben in the flesh will pop up in the mail (or, more likely, by taxi) approximately 23 hours from now. he'll be coming home late, so maybe i'll sit up in bed when he comes in, before he even turns on any lights or whatever, & be all, "CURSE YOU! you litle lying de-LI-lah! you little VIPAH!" if all goes according to plan, it'll scare him half to death, thus forcing him to reconsider ever leaving me for longer than six days ever again. i'll let you know how it plays out.

so! 27 years old. a good day.



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