Sunday, September 21, 2014

this week around the internets.

this photo is almost a year old now, & for some reason i never shared it back after i took it. how'd that happen? anyway, these hands are my cousin's, & i took this photo when i visited southern california for thanksgiving last year. but, most importantly, CUPCAKES.

stephen king on his most hated expressions. i know i've used a few of these, several on this very blog! i need to step it up. <<<<< ----- mr. king probably hates that expression too.

the story of a college professor living in a dumpster. the man who lives there owns four pairs of pants, four shirts, three pairs of shoes, three hats, & "eight or nine bow ties." the interior of his dumpster home is actually really nice! who would have thought? all of it is yet another testament to the beauty of minimalist living.

7 steps to living a bill murray life. THAT GUY. he just gets better & better.

i've written here before about my love for the terrence malick-directed movie the new world (although, surprisingly, i can't find where i wrote about it??). have you seen it? if you haven't, perhaps this write-up from ages past will persuade you. a few good lines: "the new world is a bottomless movie, almost unspeakably beautiful & formally harmonious," & "with the new world cinema has reached its culmination, its apotheosis. it is both ancient and modern, cinema at its purest and most organic, its simplest & most refined

a physicist, his wife, & a choir director: a surprising love triangle. oh, wait...add a nurse, & what would that be? a love square??

a really good list of movies available to watch on netflix.

ah, the male gynecologist: "a polarizing figure...& a[n increasingly] rare breed." 10 men explain why they are gynecologists. interesting.

i saw this movie last night with some friends, & i would recommend, recommend, recommend:

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