Sunday, October 19, 2014

28 weeks: an update.

(oy, the mess in the background of these photos. tissues for the residual sniffles i have from that cold a few weeks ago, the perennially comely AC unit, the mac charger, the's like a still life, minus a dead animal or two.) 

here we are, another week gone. this pregnancy is flying by. it's reminding me a lot of my mission: the days passed as sllloooowwww as weeks, & the weeks passed as quickly as a single day. & then it was like before i knew it, i was on that long flight home from TW wondering how i had even gotten to that point. i have a feeling that's how it's going to be those first few days i'm holding the little cupcake that is currently GROWING INSIDE OF ME. it'll be all, "how did we get here??" anyway, lemme do a quick update with a template i'm shamelessly lifting from this post:

baby's size: a large eggplant, around 2 pounds. POUNDS?! i have something inside of me that has left the dinky world of ounces behind & now weighs in the POUNDS??!

i'm feeling: mostly really good! i do have to be careful, there are a lot of circumstances that trigger some intense stomach pain: after a day of work i'm pretty exhausted & have to come & sit for at least an hour & a half. if i push myself too hard physically (read: walking too fast? holding the toddler i watch for oh, more than 20 seconds?) i cramp up & have to sit. i have official orders from the doctor to stop running (at least for a few weeks, but with the pain i was experiencing the last few times i ran before doc's orders, i have a feeling i won't run again the rest of this pregnancy {a sad story for another time}) at the risk of spurring on the mini contractions i had this one night a few weeks ago. BUT. if i listen to my body on all these things, & just kick my feet up when my body gets angry with me, i do fine.

food love: see, this one is tough, because i can't tell if the food that i love stems from pregnancy cravings or just my normal love of food. let's just take a look at the food i've been loving & craving lately: pizza, hot chocolate (okay, that one's a drink), life cereal, oranges, & beef lo mein from the chinese place around the corner. pregnancy loves, or just normal life loves? tell me. also, does scandal count as a food craving? :)

food hate: get me away from most fish, immediately. nay, get me away from most fish, YESTERDAY. 

3 pros of october: 
1. strangers being incredibly nice. it's not so much a "pro" as it is a fascinating ongoing study of, i don't know, societal patterns, i guess.
2. being pregnant in the fall! a crazy/exciting thing happening during a delightful season (i'm being careful here lest i venture into this confusing territory).
3. daily, & usually hourly, karate chops from the girl of a thousand kicks.

3 cons of october:
1. waddling when i'm tired. "it's cute," the guy who calls himself "ben" "claims."
2. those CRAMPS though.
3. no more running! one of my favorite ways to exercise & recharge. oh well - it'll be fun to switch things up.

currently living in: dresses like this or this with tights or leggings underneath. i don't know if i'll ever go back to jeans, even AFTER this babe arrives (or maybe that's just the mindset i'm in right now talking!)

looking forward to: TOTALLY taking advantage of this pregnancy when it comes time to pick a halloween costume. i have a few ideas bouncing around, but let's not forget this priceless treasure trove of ideas.

dreaming about: can't quite remember these days. at the very least, i'm not really having those  super trippy, crazy-A dreams i had during the first trimester.

good night!


  1. I was Juno my last pregnancy, pretty easy and cute:)
    Glad you're feeling well!

    1. Juno is SUCH a cute idea! & it seems pretty easy to put together too, which is always a plus :) I bet you looked great!

  2. cuuuute! I love the first iPhone pic when you're smiling all sweet to the little karate sensei.

  3. Also, I had no idea so many pregnant costumes involved cutting out a hole in a shirt/dress/pair of overalls and exposing your bare belly. oh dear.

    1. I know, right?? Painting a bare, pregnant dedication :) :O



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