Monday, October 20, 2014

a few links from around the internet.

^ before & after shots of joggers.

the best way to respond it the comments of internet trolls? sew their words onto some muslin & make it look adorable.

delving more into the meaning of the word "basic,"  as in, "she's a basic white girl".....hoooooo boy.

a project in which a photographer literally throws herself at men (who also happen to be strangers who knowingly signed up for the project through craigslist). it's a hoot, & awkward & strangely romantic. lilly mcelroy, the artist, says, "there is obviously a strong feminist component to this project & that read is very important to me. mostly, though, i'm interested in talking about how human that desire for connection is." (the photo below is from the article)

current blog obsession: jasmine croissant has me envying something fierce. 

designing a nursery in six steps this feels both incredibly relevant to my life right now & something i see & think, "i should forward that to my mom!"

in search of a great twitter feed? (A better question: are you ever NOT in search of a great twitter feed? :) ) no no further: wtf renaissance will have everything you want in a twitter feed. truly - THIS IS A GOOD ONE.



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