Sunday, October 12, 2014

ben, the newly minted tough mudder.

yesterday my main man ben ran a tough mudder with some of our friends from church. the tough mudder is essentially a 10 mile run through the mud, scattered with obstacles along the way. you can read more about it HERE, but some of those obstacles are pretty crazy. swimming through ice, army crawling through underground tunnels, climbing over walls, running through mud puddles & over bales of hay while electric wires hang all around's a difficult race but so FUN (remember how i did a similar mud run just about a year ago?). you can learn more about the various kinds of crazy obstacles they have HERE.

a lot of wives & kids went along to cheer on our menz. these little ones were really cute cheering on & waving to their dads along the way. the starting line was in a large racing stadium...

...with a giant monster truck named the "terrordactyl" leading the way after the starting gun?! so funny. such random.

here's the obstacle called "arctic enema" (the obstacles had pretty priceless names), also known as the one where participants had to jump into a truck bed full of ice. you can see ben in this photo, standing up there on the left getting ready to take the plunge:

& the jump! he had to swin under that dos equis sign there with the two red x's, which meant completely submerging himself in the frigid water. eek!

& the merciful climb out the other side:

i love these two photos of ben. muddy & cold, but still smiling. & such a handsome smile! okay, gush over:

haha. ben did have to sign a release form in order to compete:

eyeing the next obstacle, "pyramid scheme." look at that muddy ground!:

pyramid scheme required climbing over a wall, but since it was tilted at a difficult angle, everyone had to use the help of teammates & other participants to successfully climb over. see ben there in the bottom foreground with the number on his back, in between his two teammates?

climbing up (the masses of bodies kept reminding me of this movie poster, morbidly enough??)...

& he made it!

a similar event later was called "everest," where the wall was higher & at even more of a slant, almost a half-pipe shape. you had to get a good running start, & while some of the taller people were able to grab on to the top, most had to grab on to the hands of racers waiting at the top. sometimes people missed the waiting hands, didn't have enough of a running start, or it was too slippery to get a good hold, & would slide down the ramp to the bottom & do it all over again. anyway, it was a fun one to watch:

about an hour later in the race, we caught up with the menz again to watch them climb over tall, wooden walls. see ben there on the top of that farthest wall?

okay, this event was the nuttiest to me: the "electric shock." they had to run through puddles of mud & climb over bales of hay while dozens & dozens of live electrical wires hung down in the way. ben said the shocks caused his muscles to contract in violent spasms! kind of intense:

ben had a great time during the run, all which was made even better by the team of seriously cool guys he ran with. let's do a little before & after of the crew, shall we, hmm??

here they are, looking fresh & clean:


here is the crew of wives, moms, moms-to-be, & kids that cheered on their people. we were all saying that while we didn't actually run the tough mudder ourselves, it was still a pretty rough day for the spectators! it rained on & off while we slogged through mud, woods & hills with strollers, babies, & *gasp* purses. it was really fun to get to spent the day chatting with these girls, snapping photos, & cheering on husbands together (the tough mudder was an all-day thing! ben & i left the house at about 8:30 in the morning, & returned right around 7 that night):

here we are meeting up at one of the points during the race. i was not about to touch even a finger of that brudder from anudder mudder. look at his legs, THEY ARE BLACK:

we ended the day with long hot showers (ben's shower was admittedly longer than mine, & at one point i'm pretty sure i heard him say, "i am finding mud in places i didn't even know existed," so, there's that visual for all of us), an episode or two of parks & rec, & pumpkin oreo milkshakes (also, funnily, do you see my giant body pillow snaking its way around the bed? #pregnancysleepingproblems).

here's to you, my tough mudder!

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