Monday, October 13, 2014

dressing the bump: attempt #68 (27 weeks).

awkwardly, i'm trying out some serious poses in these first few photos instead of my usual more happy looking ways. i now realize i can't quite pull it off, & i apologize :)

as i'm sitting here typing, my belly is sprawled out before me, ben, & god himself (God Himself, 'scuse me) & baby is kicking away so hard i see the movement all the way from out here (it's after 11 pm, which is usually the time she goes **nu-uuuts** [said in a high-pitched voice with strong vibrato]). seriously, she's such a kicker. i was comparing notes with a friend of mine who is due about a month before me, expecting a boy, & she was saying that her little guy is more of a roller. when she feels him move, he's mostly rolling, turning, & readjusting. which is funny because this little one in me is a kicker. man she's a kicker. sometimes her kicks come in strong, long segments, like how it would feel if someone were dipping their legs into a pool & kicking the water to make giant splashes. even at this stage in the pregnancy, her kicks are sometimes so forceful i arch a little in pain. 

another story: the other week during an ultrasound, she was putting on such a dancy, wiggly, kicky show on the screen for ben, the resident, & me that he (the resident) exclaimed out of the blue, "wow, she's a party animal!" haha.

this dress is a thrifted little guy (not a maternity dress), & i've found that a lot of the vintage dresses i love & gravitate towards are working really well with my growing bell (that's a purposeful typo, because RHYME). weirdly, i actually like how this dress looks on me with a pregnant belly more than how it looks on me, well, not with a pregnant belly. it just kind of hung a little shapeless, i think? you can see what that looked like HERE, back when i had bangs & long hair! weirrrrdddd.

i love the white detail on this dress - the scalloped strip crosses the front & the sleeves & continues on all the way around to the back & up the neck. it's just a really great thing.

remember in an earlier post (in which i am wearing the same heels i am in this post!......nah, not embarrassed) i told you about how ben snaps photos for a crazy long amount of time after our little "photoshoot" has stopped & i'm packing up & getting ready to leave? needless to say, he struck again:

me saying, "okay, STOP!!"

& lookee what we have here, the snaphappy snickerdoodle himself:

good night! baby just gave two swift kicks in succession, which we interpret as meaning "goodbye!" either that or "give me another bite of those reeses pumpkins NOW."



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