Tuesday, October 7, 2014

prints around the house.

for the longest time i had been itching to redo our front room (& kind of the entire apartment, in general). we decorated everything essentially within the first month of living here, which by now is a few years ago! & my tastes & style, while probably still questionable, have changed so much since then (see a few pictures of how parts of our apartment used to look, HERE & HERE). i decided i would get through my thesis, graduate, & THEN i could focus completely on a little home makeover. fast forward to a few months later, when i've successfully graduated (& successfully become pregnant, randomly) & want to do a little...what? nesting?...nah. i had been wanting to change things around long before a baby was in the picture.

anyway, i might document parts of the makeover for you, but then again, i might not. it's not that i don't want to, it's just that our place is pretty tiny & the lighting is awful, SO VERY AWFUL, that your retinas might burn just looking at any pictures i try to wrestle out of the mire (we have no natural lighting! we officially live in a cave! but it's a great place for us, we still like it a lot :)

i figured at the very least i could document a few of the new prints we've acquired recently that i'm excited about.

this beach scene from max wanger:

in the foreground, this, which might be one of my all-time favorite photos of the beatles (that list also including the one i'm using on my twitter homepage. have i told you? i'm trying to reboot my struggling twitter account). next to it, a photo of us from this photoshoot at the cloisters (my hair looked so different!) on one of those cool textured wraparound prints, & then further down from that, a map of mars. i mean the world.

these three guys (they've survived a few different print & home reorganizations) occupying a little space on our row of bookshelves:

this succulent print from leah duncan's ex-quisite etsy shop:

this beautiful print is titled she will find what is lost, & it was done by brian kershisnik. it's quite mormon-y (which is not necessarily a bad thing, i repeat, it's not a bad thing), but it really resonates with me. i need to look at it, & often.

i found this water print at society6, & i LOVE it. i feel compelled to say it looks better in person? because these photos are kind of...well, crappy (we live in a cave, remember? :).

oh, ernest hemingway, looking down on us. he's got his complicated stuff, sure, but man if his writing doesn't move me. also, it's kind of a nice throwback to our honeymoon in the florida keys, & the day we actually went to hemingway's home there & toured around.  in several of the rooms they had hung these large pictures of hemingway at various stages of his life (but all with that same vaguely menacing glare), so every time we see this photo we think back to that. or, at least, i thought back to it, & brought it to ben's attention :)

antlers/horns, part 1:

& just below that, antlers/horns, part 2 (i found this current favorite print on minted)

the royal couple (the whole etsy shop is great)

& then, here's this print below that i just finished tonight. it's a quote from mindy kaling's twitter account, from a while ago, that i loved so much i wanted to put it on my wall (i know, I KNOW, it's like i've become a parody of myself). i wrote it out & doodled a few things in an attempt to make it all quite whimsical looking, although when i look at it now i believe i perhaps went a little too far with the whimsy...but at least i can admit that to myself? i tried to play around & photoshop the colors a little bit, but it's past midnight & at a certain point i just said, "I'M DONE WITH THIS I DON'T CARE ANYMORE." :)

buenos nachos!



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