Wednesday, October 8, 2014

what we've been up to lately...

just some tidbits of what we've been up to lately, featuring photos from my phone:

1. we saw the black keys at the barclays center a few weeks ago. they sounded perfect live, we were able to sit down THE ENTIRE TIME, & we got home before midnight! what else can all of that equal but a really great time?

2. these are the respective books we read last week. ben has been so good about reading baby books, much better than me, because i just can't quite seem put the brakes on (or at least put a hold on for the next while) my love of fiction just yet. speaking of which, i really enjoyed the art of fielding. plus i thought it was so funny ben was reading about babies while i read about baseball. we're just shattering gender norms left & right!

3. ben & i help with a church youth program, & i had to miss our big kickoff activity to run the ragnar. while on the race, i made up this quick little sign to let all the youth know i missed them & would be thinking about them. ben projected the photo real quick at the beginning of the activity (which was conveniently able to happen because he would already be using the projector at other points during the night, although the thought of my sweaty, un-makeupped face being projected to several times its size in front of a giant crowd still fills me with dread).

4. one more belly photo from said ragnar (lots of hot pink was happening that weekend)

5. after the finish line at the ragnar, they had this giant sheet which participants could sign. i signed for me and baby fran, because we ran it together! or, at the very least, she put up with all the rocking & swaying that happened as i ran my miles (i had a friend who saw this picture & asked, "did you draw that flag about it, too??" i didn't, but it kind of looks like i did. ha)

6. the two of us (? does that even count? i'm kind of making up ALL THE PREGNANCY THINGS as i go along) in front of the big signature sheet:

7. aaaaand the whole team. what a good-looking bunch of ladies i ran with! i also feel the need to apologize; i thought i had gotten all the ragnar photos out here or here, but it turns out i found yet some more goodies on my phone:

8. so this is funny. i went & had my nails done the other day (mani/pedis are my happy place) & afterwards i instagrammed this photo, with the caption, "just finished getting my nails done at a place where all the kind ladies spoke chinese (a language which i also happen to speak). i am now happy to officially confirm that while you're sitting there getting your nails done, YES, they're totally talking about you." & they totally were! nothing too awful, they just shared with each other how much i had tipped, commented on le baby bump, & speculated as to my age. i never did end up responding in chinese & giving them a scare...i guess i felt like i should just make a quick, clean getaway? 

9. we tried a new place a few blocks down from us called bernheim & schwartz. ben got the turkey burger, i tried the fish tacos, & we shared fried pickles, & it was all, all good. worth a try!

10, 11. we headed out to brooklyn last saturday morning for the birthday of ben's cousin's daughter (did you follow that? :) little edie is one now! you can see us wrestling in the photo on the right. on the left is a outfit you'll generally find me in these days (dare i call it a uniform?) : an easy, loose dress with a long, chunky sweater over it.  a scarf, necklace, & tights are optional, but nice:

12. another day, another "easy, loose dress" (is that what i called it above?), same baby belly. i just snapped this photo today!

13. i felt particularly proud of myself for going to the gym tonight. it was a long work day nannying it up, but i made it out to the elliptical for a few minutes & of course i felt worlds better afterward.

& it looks like we've come to the end! good night!

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