Monday, October 27, 2014

what we've been up to lately.

ben has been in vancouver, bc this last week (he gets home TOMORROW, & then that is the LAST of his trips for a long while: he'll be here for the holidays, he'll be here for baby's birth, it'll be good) so i've been having lots of adventures of my own. last friday night i treated myself to a night at the philharmonic. they would be playing the firebird suite & i REALLY wanted to hear it live but i knew ben wouldn't be able to i went by myself! (with baby, technically, of course) it was everything i was hoping it would be - i teared up during the grand end, which ben & i agreed is one of the best endings to any piece of music ever. you can listen to it HERE (& ben reminded me that he has actually played the firebird, or at least parts of it, when he was in, what was it called, the southern california honors orchestra, or something like that, in high school? "it was as nerdy as it sounds," he said. :)

the philharmonic plays at avery fisher hall, which is at lincoln center, which in turn is right across from the church building we meet at. so after the concert, i took a moment to snap a selfie with angel M himself:

two weekends ago i went with some friends up to the blaze in the hudson valley. the hudson valley has such amazing history, not least because they are home to sleepy hollow, the headless horseman, & lots of other fun halloween lore. 

ben & i also went to the blaze last year, which you can read about HERE. this year, my friend jamie & i took the train about 30 minutes out to croton-harmon & then it was about a 10 minute walk from the station to the blaze, where we met up with friends (i can't believe i didn't get any pictures of the group!) basically, the blaze is about a half hour (or longer, depending on how slow or fast you walk) walk on a path that takes you through various fun & spooky scenes made completely out of carved pumpkins. dark, moody music plays, they have informational signs, & the pumpkins flash with lights inside. it's so fun! i read a sign that says the blaze consists of about 10,000 pumpkins, & they carve new ones every week to replace those that have rot. it's always such a cool event to go to - also because we stop at the little tent after for hot chocolate, apple cider, & apple cider donuts. yummmm.

a spider web, a giant clock, & dinosaurs are just a few of the scenes we walked through.

towards the end we walked through a giant arch stuff with pumpkins on all sides. 

anyway, we love the blaze. it's a pretty great place to go to to help get into the halloween spirit.

two sundays ago i had lunch with friends, & i just appreciated this exceptionally cute baby staring at me for a long period of time as we sat around chatting afterward:

last saturday we took a trip with some youth from church to the cathedral of st. john the divine (which is actually less than five blocks away from our apartment!). as with any cathedral, there were so many magnificent things to see there. one of them was this beautiful exhibit in which various artists depicted how different religions pray. i didn't get an incredibly good look at it all - it was tough because i was one of the leaders & was focusing on other things - but i am 100% planning on going back, with ben this time, to wander for hours among the various statues. i'll report back on this one! i did spot a kindred spirit in one particular statue - womb twins! (plus daisy's photobomb there on the left :)

later on that same day, after the cathedral, i stopped by our ward halloween party. all week i had totally been planning on wearing a costume (& i had a funny, sly, even subversive costume in mind) & then what with work & trying to plan things for the cathedral activity, i ran out of time. but no worries! i plan on unveiling the costume (of which ben will be a part) on halloween & i can't wait. so no costume for me, unless you count "pregnant lady" as a costume of sorts...? anyway, i posed with my friend steph who, although she has no kids of her own, is seen holding the sweet babies of our church so often visitors & new people always think she's a mom. it's great:

so the next day, sunday (which was yesterday, because i'm blogging about this today, monday [& starting to feel like a rebecca black song what with all this listing of the days of the week...anyway]) i ran into some friends of mine, whom i've known forever & also haven't seen in forever! sarah (in the middle) is my age & we were part of a group of six girls in our stake that were the best of friends in high school. annie, on the left, is my little sister's age & i spent a lot of time with her as well. & we all just happened to be wearing all black, so it was like our little meet-up was meant to be. love those girls.

have a good day!

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