Thursday, November 27, 2014

a few finds from around the internet.

as if i needed another reason to love chelsea peretti from brooklyn nine-nine (here's another great reason)...

...& if you're like me & can't get enough of her, here's 10 times she proved she's one of the "greats," & the pop culture happenings that have influenced her comedic voice.

turn your princess-obsessed toddler into a feminist in 8 eight steps - ben & i will have to keep a bookmark in this one, wink.

literary starbucks, a tumblr that details the visits both authors & literary characters would make at the coffee chain. i was dying. this is good stuff. everyone from harper lee: "harper lee goes up to the counter and orders a grande cappuccino. she thinks it tastes great, and the other people in the shop seem to agree, so she never orders another drink again," to othello: "othello goes up to the counter and orders a very innocent-looking drink: an iced caffĂ© mocha. the barista takes his order, but tells him that the drink is not what it seems. othello believes him. he seems trustworthy. he is clearly not jealous of Othello’s power. the drink is obviously a fraud. othello smothers the taste of the drink with a mint. always trust your barista." a perfect laugh for both fans of literature and fans of coffee.

i just want to remind everyone's that anna kendrick's twitter account is a thing that exists in this world, & it is a thing of beauty (photo above from here).

21 things you learn the first time you visit new york city. kinda funny; several truth grains.

where did soul-sucking office speak come from?

geez that ayn rand can describe an outfit.
in the midst of way too many reasons to not love the internet...the museum of selfies emerges, a brave, shining reason to love the internet.

in closing, anyone want a quick run-down of how i've been feeling lately? :)

happy thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

five things i'm excited about tonight.

1. this cat hat. i'm deciding that it's quirky & whimsical :) [p.s. on a fun side note, if you look closely you can spot a bit of my two-day-old haircut]

2. baby jammies with tiny animals on them! plus i'll never say no to a mustard yellow & grey combination on pint-sized onesies:

3. a few of the books i've read lately: amy poehler's yes please (I RECOMMEND I RECOMMEND I RECOMMEND. it was such a delightful read - funny, & affirming, & no surprise here, but she is incredibly relatable. & also quite a good writer! i tweeted a few nice quotes here), not that kind of girl by lena dunham (the most lena dunham thing to have ever lena dunham'd. if you were to sit & imagine all the teenage cringey, body-weirdness, college-awkwardness, bad-sex-& drug-fueled stories you'd think lena dunham could write, this book has EVEN MORE THAN THAT in it. that being said, jeez, there's a reason she's so accomplished & has her own whole show & everything. girl has got talent) & women at church by neylan mcbaine, a very powerful yet very fair take on issues surrounding mormon women today who might struggle with their identity at church. recently, ben & i led a discussion on this book in the "feminist home evening" group i'm a part of.

4. i'm excited about a few of the pretty necklaces i've picked up recently...for great prices! h&m & zara both have really affordable sparkles. it's funny - in the last year my style has taken a turn for the minimalist, but i still can't stay away from these almost offensively giant, colorful, statement necklaces. i feel good in my heart about pairing a statement necklace with an otherwise incredibly simple outfit, like skinny jeans, a loose white button-up shirt, & flats, or a simple jersey dress, or...okay, now i'm even boring myself. but! such sparkle. so statement necklace. much of the colors.

5. this advent calendar. it spoke to me for lots of reasons, which i hope you can tease out based on you simply KNOWING THE KIND OF PERSON I AM. :) in all seriousness, ben asked, "can we fill every slot with candy?" i told him i'd think about it, but let's be honest, we all know that'll probably happen, because candy is a thing to truly be thankful for this holiday season.

good night!

Monday, November 24, 2014

a visit from christian.

we've been enjoying really good frandsen company recently. the week after naomi came to town, christian flew in & instantly made our days more fabulous. he's so fun to be around, & he & i always have lots to talk about. you can always count on a fascinating, funny conversation with christian, & he, ben, & i had lots of good chat time while he was here.

here are a few photos ben snapped of christian when they went on an adventure down to battery park & the 9/11 memorial that saturday morning.

model shots!

it was a cold cold day, but the sun was out & these photos turned out beautifully!

the below photo shows a portion of the 9/11 memorial. it's so stunning & powerful in person (an interesting side-note: you used to have to reserve a ticket in advance & go through an arduous airport-like security line to gain access to the memorial, but these days the memorial is out in the open, minus the gates & security, for people to walk freely in & out of).

i love this carpet of leaves under the bike:

on tuesday morning ben & christian (i would not have made it back to work in time) headed down to dominique ansel bakery to secure a few of those elusive cronuts (they left our apartment at 6:30 & arrived by 7:15 to be numbers 6 & 7 in line...when the bakery opened there were only 20 people in line, if that [we're guessing due to the cold weather]. they were somewhat dismayed when they realized they could have totally gotten an hour more of sleep, BUT both agree that waking up early & heading down there was worth it, at least once, for a delicious cronut or two). i really enjoy these next two photos. freezing little bunny! 

this month's cronut flavor is rum raisin. YUM. (& don't worry, we didn't get drunk ;)). i haven't had a cronut since june (or was it july...?), so it was good to be reunited with the pastry. we said hi for only a second, & then it rushed straight to my hips :)

thanks for coming, christiano!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

clad in black.

these days of the pregnancy find me wanting to wear as much black as possible. with all the bumps & rolls & other fun things enlarging my body by the minute (at least that's what it feels like) i want my clothes to be as simple & non-fussy as possible. 

baby girl was breech a few weeks ago, but we & our doctor weren't worried about it because there's still some time to go before it became any sort of thing. we were all, "any day now, babe!" & she was all, "head down for what?!" anyway, at our appointment just this last week she finally gave up her partying ways & is all head down & set to go. oh, & getting huge by the way. check out the bump she makes in my belly region!

at the very least, clad in nearly all black & dark-ish lipstick will have me looking very vampiric.

hat: urban outfitters (similar), cardigan that i love: h&m, dress: asos (many similar here), boots: h&m, necklace: urban outfitters, wallet: target, sunglasses: loft, lipstick: nars' lana.

1. i'm quite loving the pattern on this cardigan 
2. no matter what i wear when i wear a hat like this, i can't help but always feel a tad johnny depp-y, & then i'm conflicted over whether that's a good thing...or a bad thing.

after a week or so of really, really cold weather, it was in the 50s today! practically tropical!

this guy coming up the stairs:

 well, there you have it! now i'm off to watch an old episode of modern family on tv with ben (i judge when the episode came out by the register of luke's voice, & in this one he's pretty high up there. ha). 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

recently, in our lives:

how's everyone's weekend so far? ours has been pretty spectacular. we've had exactly zero plans - the first time in a while that's happened - so we've slept in, worked to get up to speed on DVR fun (i'm catching up on two weeks of how to get away with murder craziness while i'm writing this, while ben is "doing research" :) ) gone out with friends, & taken things niiiice & slow.

in the meantime, i have lots of photos of recent hijinks to share with you all while they slowly unravel who killed annalise's husband.

a few weeks ago we had this crazy saturday where we stacked our day with yummy food & two different cultural events. in the afternoon we went & saw carmen at the met. i've been wanting & wanting to see this particular opera for years & it did not disappoint. i loved it. in a fun side note, her dress in the final scene matched the curtain in the photo above - it was black lace with this long train & a jagged red piece of cloth bolting diagonally down the middle. brava to all of the things!

after carmen, we walked the block or two over to the smith for dinner. even we can admit we might have gone a little overboard on the amount of food we ordered, but it was all just so gooood. we started out with potato chips smothered in bleu cheese fondue (!!! it's one of our go-to apps there, for good reason)...

...& beer battered string beans with ranch. you know it's maybe not-so-good a sign when you're full to bursting & they haven't even brought out your main dishes yet. but again! so gooood. 

& finally, plates number three & four. i got the pork chops with kale & flapjacks, & ben = burger.

after the smith, we caught a concert at the philharmonic (in the same complex as the opera, it was all so close & convenient!...especially since it rained all day). we heard ravel's bolero, copland, & a very modern flute concerto composed by someone i can't quite remember right now. it goes without saying that everything we heard was fantastic. the philharmonic for another win!

other things happening in our lives? this time we were wearing turtlenecks...

...a book so true & so sharp (i tweeted a few favorite lines here, if you scroll down a bit) & made me so worked up that ben would have to gently put his hand on my shoulder & stroke my cheek, kinda, to get me calmed down. haha... 

...& speaking of ben being wonderful (oh, did i not outright say that above? oh well. it was certainly implied) here's him helping me take my shoes off, an act which i need help with more & more often these days.

the other night i went to a dramatic reading by vanessa redgrave of joan didion's most recent nonfiction book blue nights. it was held in the cathedral of st. john the divine, which, in my opinion, was the most perfect & *divine* (seewhatididthere) setting for a performance of this kind. 

a few other thoughts: vanessa redgrave, with her perfectly white, bright hair, is SO elegant. she was dressed in all black, & her only adornment was the reading glasses she used to read those devastating, beautifully written words by joan didion in such a soothing voice. a complete class act. also, every time i read joan didion (or in this case, hear her work read) i'm just wrecked all over again. she writes in a way i wish i could write. she has perfectly communicated so many of the exact thoughts that i have it's almost unbelievable. so. brava to all of the things!

blue spotlights illuminating the otherwise dark cathedral. lovely:

this last week ben's brother christian was in town for a really fun visit (which reminds me that i need to post pictures form his trip!). on the day he flew back to california, he & ben stopped by my work for a few minutes so christian could say goodbye: 

there was that time last wednesday we were straight locked out of the subway stop (also, clogs & socckkkks)

fast-forward to today, where we saw this:

& ate here:

have a good night! **p.s. now i know who killed sam. intense!


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