Tuesday, November 18, 2014

32-ish weeks: an update.

baby's size: we're talking between a pineapple & a squash these days. a pineapple sounds huge, doesn't it?!

i'm feeling: alright. sleep is a mountain these days, one i'm usually unequipped to fully climb. i lie down, it takes several minutes to find a comfortable position (with the help of the snoogle, of course), get my mind settled, & then by that time i have to get up to go to the bathroom, & then it's back to the bed where the whole fun routine starts over again. i can't walk very fast & have to take rest stops every once in a while because the feets hurt. other than that, i can't complain too much. baby girl is moving a ton, i'm able to exercise a lot, & even the fakety-fake contractions have settled down in the past week or two.

food love: coconut water! fresh, cool fruit like grapes, pineapples, & apples. & hot chocolate! the other day i had three cups of the stuff, which, maybe i should ease back on it a little bit. but yummm.

food hate: i'm so sick of luna bars, haha. it's just, they're so easy to pack along that i always had one or two in my bag at any time during my first two trimesters. i ate so many of them that i'll be fine if i don't have another one (even the lemon zest one, which is my favorite flavor) for a good long time.

3 pros of november:
1. work ending. this is both a pro & a con. it's so bittersweet. i'll really miss the girls i've been watching the last year & a half-ish, but any chance to try & get some sleep will be good.
2. more frequent visits to the doctor. maybe other people wouldn't be a fan of this, but i love being able to check in & make sure everything with my body is okay, ask our doctor questions face-to-face,  & see how baby is doing (they do an ultrasound every time we visit!). it always feels like a nice recalibration.
3. meeting with our doula! janelle is going to be awesome. she's someone we knew & were friends with already, & i'm really excited to have her by our side when push comes to, well, PUSH.

3 cons of november: 
1. maternity coats - as of right now my normal coat still zips up over the belly, & i'm REALLY hoping it will be able to still do that for a while. i don't want to buy a whole new coat when i would really only have to wear it for the month of december & maybe a few days into january.
2. sleep sleep sleep...or, i should say, the lack thereof. have i mentioned this already? :)
3. i'm not hating my maternity clothes - i'm actually really loving them! these days it's actually quite easy to find cute maternity clothes, online or otherwise, & still feel somewhat pretty & not entirely like a semi. :)

currently living in: speaking of maternity clothes! i've been loving the thick winter leggings from american apparel. i wear them with oversized sweaters. americal apparel also has great tights that i wear with all the dresses i've bought that work so easily with a bowling ball belly. i'm able to sneak in a few non-maternity dresses here & there, as long as they're somewhat empire-waisted & the material has just the right amount of stretch. most days, when i'm at work or whatnot, i'm wearing some version of this sort of outfit.

looking forward to: i cannot wait for christmas around here (while, of course, giving thanksgiving its full recognition & love). ben will take some time off, i'll do some house/baby preparation, we'll hunker down with hot chocolate & netflix movies (i have a huge to-watch list on my phone), light a yummy candle (& it came to pass i hath been loving this salted grapefruit candle lately)...it'll be heavenly!

dreaming about: shayla dreams of sushi.

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