Thursday, November 27, 2014

a few finds from around the internet.

as if i needed another reason to love chelsea peretti from brooklyn nine-nine (here's another great reason)...

...& if you're like me & can't get enough of her, here's 10 times she proved she's one of the "greats," & the pop culture happenings that have influenced her comedic voice.

turn your princess-obsessed toddler into a feminist in 8 eight steps - ben & i will have to keep a bookmark in this one, wink.

literary starbucks, a tumblr that details the visits both authors & literary characters would make at the coffee chain. i was dying. this is good stuff. everyone from harper lee: "harper lee goes up to the counter and orders a grande cappuccino. she thinks it tastes great, and the other people in the shop seem to agree, so she never orders another drink again," to othello: "othello goes up to the counter and orders a very innocent-looking drink: an iced caffĂ© mocha. the barista takes his order, but tells him that the drink is not what it seems. othello believes him. he seems trustworthy. he is clearly not jealous of Othello’s power. the drink is obviously a fraud. othello smothers the taste of the drink with a mint. always trust your barista." a perfect laugh for both fans of literature and fans of coffee.

i just want to remind everyone's that anna kendrick's twitter account is a thing that exists in this world, & it is a thing of beauty (photo above from here).

21 things you learn the first time you visit new york city. kinda funny; several truth grains.

where did soul-sucking office speak come from?

geez that ayn rand can describe an outfit.
in the midst of way too many reasons to not love the internet...the museum of selfies emerges, a brave, shining reason to love the internet.

in closing, anyone want a quick run-down of how i've been feeling lately? :)

happy thanksgiving!

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