Monday, November 24, 2014

a visit from christian.

we've been enjoying really good frandsen company recently. the week after naomi came to town, christian flew in & instantly made our days more fabulous. he's so fun to be around, & he & i always have lots to talk about. you can always count on a fascinating, funny conversation with christian, & he, ben, & i had lots of good chat time while he was here.

here are a few photos ben snapped of christian when they went on an adventure down to battery park & the 9/11 memorial that saturday morning.

model shots!

it was a cold cold day, but the sun was out & these photos turned out beautifully!

the below photo shows a portion of the 9/11 memorial. it's so stunning & powerful in person (an interesting side-note: you used to have to reserve a ticket in advance & go through an arduous airport-like security line to gain access to the memorial, but these days the memorial is out in the open, minus the gates & security, for people to walk freely in & out of).

i love this carpet of leaves under the bike:

on tuesday morning ben & christian (i would not have made it back to work in time) headed down to dominique ansel bakery to secure a few of those elusive cronuts (they left our apartment at 6:30 & arrived by 7:15 to be numbers 6 & 7 in line...when the bakery opened there were only 20 people in line, if that [we're guessing due to the cold weather]. they were somewhat dismayed when they realized they could have totally gotten an hour more of sleep, BUT both agree that waking up early & heading down there was worth it, at least once, for a delicious cronut or two). i really enjoy these next two photos. freezing little bunny! 

this month's cronut flavor is rum raisin. YUM. (& don't worry, we didn't get drunk ;)). i haven't had a cronut since june (or was it july...?), so it was good to be reunited with the pastry. we said hi for only a second, & then it rushed straight to my hips :)

thanks for coming, christiano!

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