Sunday, November 23, 2014

clad in black.

these days of the pregnancy find me wanting to wear as much black as possible. with all the bumps & rolls & other fun things enlarging my body by the minute (at least that's what it feels like) i want my clothes to be as simple & non-fussy as possible. 

baby girl was breech a few weeks ago, but we & our doctor weren't worried about it because there's still some time to go before it became any sort of thing. we were all, "any day now, babe!" & she was all, "head down for what?!" anyway, at our appointment just this last week she finally gave up her partying ways & is all head down & set to go. oh, & getting huge by the way. check out the bump she makes in my belly region!

at the very least, clad in nearly all black & dark-ish lipstick will have me looking very vampiric.

hat: urban outfitters (similar), cardigan that i love: h&m, dress: asos (many similar here), boots: h&m, necklace: urban outfitters, wallet: target, sunglasses: loft, lipstick: nars' lana.

1. i'm quite loving the pattern on this cardigan 
2. no matter what i wear when i wear a hat like this, i can't help but always feel a tad johnny depp-y, & then i'm conflicted over whether that's a good thing...or a bad thing.

after a week or so of really, really cold weather, it was in the 50s today! practically tropical!

this guy coming up the stairs:

 well, there you have it! now i'm off to watch an old episode of modern family on tv with ben (i judge when the episode came out by the register of luke's voice, & in this one he's pretty high up there. ha). 

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