Wednesday, November 26, 2014

five things i'm excited about tonight.

1. this cat hat. i'm deciding that it's quirky & whimsical :) [p.s. on a fun side note, if you look closely you can spot a bit of my two-day-old haircut]

2. baby jammies with tiny animals on them! plus i'll never say no to a mustard yellow & grey combination on pint-sized onesies:

3. a few of the books i've read lately: amy poehler's yes please (I RECOMMEND I RECOMMEND I RECOMMEND. it was such a delightful read - funny, & affirming, & no surprise here, but she is incredibly relatable. & also quite a good writer! i tweeted a few nice quotes here), not that kind of girl by lena dunham (the most lena dunham thing to have ever lena dunham'd. if you were to sit & imagine all the teenage cringey, body-weirdness, college-awkwardness, bad-sex-& drug-fueled stories you'd think lena dunham could write, this book has EVEN MORE THAN THAT in it. that being said, jeez, there's a reason she's so accomplished & has her own whole show & everything. girl has got talent) & women at church by neylan mcbaine, a very powerful yet very fair take on issues surrounding mormon women today who might struggle with their identity at church. recently, ben & i led a discussion on this book in the "feminist home evening" group i'm a part of.

4. i'm excited about a few of the pretty necklaces i've picked up recently...for great prices! h&m & zara both have really affordable sparkles. it's funny - in the last year my style has taken a turn for the minimalist, but i still can't stay away from these almost offensively giant, colorful, statement necklaces. i feel good in my heart about pairing a statement necklace with an otherwise incredibly simple outfit, like skinny jeans, a loose white button-up shirt, & flats, or a simple jersey dress, or...okay, now i'm even boring myself. but! such sparkle. so statement necklace. much of the colors.

5. this advent calendar. it spoke to me for lots of reasons, which i hope you can tease out based on you simply KNOWING THE KIND OF PERSON I AM. :) in all seriousness, ben asked, "can we fill every slot with candy?" i told him i'd think about it, but let's be honest, we all know that'll probably happen, because candy is a thing to truly be thankful for this holiday season.

good night!


  1. i'm currently reading...okay actually i'm listening to those two books during my commute to work!!! loving them. I read mindy's book on my cruise...LOVED...and read Ellen's book...died laughing!!! women at church however needs to be the next book...maybe a christmas break could make a great family discussion lol wink wink

    1. Mindy's book was so fun, right?? I absolutely LOVED Amy Poehler's book. I thought it was so, so good. Lena Dunham's was just okay :) Haha yeah you should read "Women at Church" & bring it up at the family dinner table over Christmas break :O:O:O



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