Tuesday, November 4, 2014

halloween 2014: cathedral photo shoot.


after the procession of the ghouls ended, ben & i stuck around the cathedral a few more minutes (many others had the same idea as well) to soak in in the fun, exciting atmosphere. it was a chance to see the cathedral in a rare way - almost completely dark, smoke still lingering from the earlier theatricals, & spooky lighting casting intense shadows on the stone. 

as we walked down the side hallways, things kind of naturally evolved into a fun little photo shoot as we started documenting the cathedral on halloween night. i guess i was kind of playing a character: the ostracized scarlet letter-bearing woman wandering, alone, in the dark church...pondering her sin, perhaps? pondering the life of this child in her womb, an adulteress' child? of course, it's all very gothic, with a touch of wilkie collins thrown in just to be sure.

one of my favorites:

alone in the pews:

hiding near the pulpit...? i don't even know:

the audience catching quick glimpses of her as she walks past:

can't hide that belly no mo:

i'm wearing an asos maternity dress, similar HERE.

another one of my favorites:

i also really love this shot behind the candles:

anyway, what's the point of halloween if you can't toss in some non-alcoholic theatricality?! ponder on that one tonight.

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