Saturday, November 1, 2014

halloween 2014: hester prynne & reverend dimmesdale.

as previously mentioned, i wanted to think up a good costume this year to really take full advantage of this basketball belly...of course, this is coming from someone who created 100% of her halloween costumes from the age of 18 on from clothes she already had in her closet, assembled 10 minutes before leaving for whatever party or other halloween shenanigans she had planned that night. SO. needless to say she--okay, i guess i can go back to not referring to myself in third person--i wanted a spectacular costume, but preferred the easiest route possible. therefore, i give yoooouuuu.......the scarlet letter

we asked our friends nate & megan mecham to help us snap a few photos real quick of our get-ups, & we had a fun/hilarious time with them choosing a background wall on their street, discussing poses & angles, & generally trying to get into the spirit of these scarlet letter characters. haha:

i'm trying to remember now how the scarlet letter motif was thought up...did someone mention it to me? did i see it somewhere? i can't remember. if you're reading this & you, dear reader, were the one that gave me the idea, feel free to contact me :)

what?! no i don't know the reverend!!

no i promise he is not the father:

these next few photos portray what i'd like to call "stolen moments."

the outfits could not have come together more perfectly AND, true to form, most of the items we're wearing are things we already owned. i found the black cape from h&m earlier today, the dress is a maternity one from asos, my white shirt is from gap a long time ago, shoes are thrifted, & the "A" is made out of construction paper. :) ben owned all of his clothes already, except the white cloth that we pinned to his collar. as you can see, we keep all of the things classy.

& this one we'll call, "a really stolen moment" ;D [also insert this emoji here] i thought the black & white would make it seem more, i don't know, like a silent movie. haha:

much public shaming. keep your babies away! (we told ben to look "confused" & "conflicted" in these ones because it's like, he's the father of the child, but he can't/won't confess, even though he does love hester, but he feels he cannot reveal his secret because he's the reverend & the spiritual leader of the community, but on the inside he's racked with guilt, & kinda has the stigma of an "A" forming on his chest, at least that's what some witnesses think, & hester's actual husband is creeping around trying to find out the truth & not only that but he's roommates with the guy, so it's like, "do we share food? or do we each get our own food?" & also "did you impregnate my wife?" sort of thing, & all of this can be very confusing for one person to try to process all on his or her own, hence the "conflict" & "confusion" we asked ben to show on his face. is he succeeding at conveying all this, do you think? :)

baby maggie was being such a sweet, alert gem the entire shoot, someone make her a gerber baby!

& a few outtakes, to show that in real life ben & i actually do like & acknowledge each other publicly, & ben acknowledges his role in the future life of the baby i carry :)

oh, & also that megan IS my friend & she & her baby don't actually *shirk* me in real life (see what i did there? because her maiden name is shirk. haha.)

thanks a mill, mechams! + a few more halloween posts coming soon!

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