Monday, November 3, 2014

halloween 2014: procession of the ghouls.

^^ this photo is actually of a current exhibit at the cathedral, entitled phoenix by chinese artist xu bing. two phoenixes (phoenii?) make up the piece, & they're made out of recycled construction materials & other knick knicks the artist found in his home country. they're BEAUTIFUL. you can read more about this exhibit in this lovely nyt article & see more photos of the birds HERE.


the procession of the ghouls is an annual halloween event put on by the cathedral of st. john the divine, a gorgeous cathedral (the 4th largest christian church in the world!) right in our neighborhood. they play a silent film at the beginning with a live organ playing in the background (this year it was the phantom of the opera - pretty creepy!) & then the spooky organ music continues as a local theater group dressed in intricate, wonderful costumes proceeds slowly down the center aisle. it's all so good, & such a fun halloween event (especially for people like us, who don't have kids yet to help us really get into the holiday mood). you can read all about the last time we went to procession of the ghouls HERE.

the ghouls proceeded out of this giant mouth-door up by the pulpit. see the smoke? & eery organ music playing in the good!

this one is like, "turn down for what?" :)

these next ones are very night on bald mountain segment of fantasia (which, as a child, was a part i always loved/was terrified of. now that i think about it, it was a pretty bold move to put such a scary part in a child's disney movie, i mean, right??)

drunk uncle made an appearance :)

i still want ben to audition for the part of this scary cello player:

this one's mohawk game was on point:

one of my favorites!:


the end! i think there is one more segment of halloween coming up & then it's....on to thanksgiving! ;)

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