Saturday, November 22, 2014

recently, in our lives:

how's everyone's weekend so far? ours has been pretty spectacular. we've had exactly zero plans - the first time in a while that's happened - so we've slept in, worked to get up to speed on DVR fun (i'm catching up on two weeks of how to get away with murder craziness while i'm writing this, while ben is "doing research" :) ) gone out with friends, & taken things niiiice & slow.

in the meantime, i have lots of photos of recent hijinks to share with you all while they slowly unravel who killed annalise's husband.

a few weeks ago we had this crazy saturday where we stacked our day with yummy food & two different cultural events. in the afternoon we went & saw carmen at the met. i've been wanting & wanting to see this particular opera for years & it did not disappoint. i loved it. in a fun side note, her dress in the final scene matched the curtain in the photo above - it was black lace with this long train & a jagged red piece of cloth bolting diagonally down the middle. brava to all of the things!

after carmen, we walked the block or two over to the smith for dinner. even we can admit we might have gone a little overboard on the amount of food we ordered, but it was all just so gooood. we started out with potato chips smothered in bleu cheese fondue (!!! it's one of our go-to apps there, for good reason)...

...& beer battered string beans with ranch. you know it's maybe not-so-good a sign when you're full to bursting & they haven't even brought out your main dishes yet. but again! so gooood. 

& finally, plates number three & four. i got the pork chops with kale & flapjacks, & ben = burger.

after the smith, we caught a concert at the philharmonic (in the same complex as the opera, it was all so close & convenient!...especially since it rained all day). we heard ravel's bolero, copland, & a very modern flute concerto composed by someone i can't quite remember right now. it goes without saying that everything we heard was fantastic. the philharmonic for another win!

other things happening in our lives? this time we were wearing turtlenecks...

...a book so true & so sharp (i tweeted a few favorite lines here, if you scroll down a bit) & made me so worked up that ben would have to gently put his hand on my shoulder & stroke my cheek, kinda, to get me calmed down. haha... 

...& speaking of ben being wonderful (oh, did i not outright say that above? oh well. it was certainly implied) here's him helping me take my shoes off, an act which i need help with more & more often these days.

the other night i went to a dramatic reading by vanessa redgrave of joan didion's most recent nonfiction book blue nights. it was held in the cathedral of st. john the divine, which, in my opinion, was the most perfect & *divine* (seewhatididthere) setting for a performance of this kind. 

a few other thoughts: vanessa redgrave, with her perfectly white, bright hair, is SO elegant. she was dressed in all black, & her only adornment was the reading glasses she used to read those devastating, beautifully written words by joan didion in such a soothing voice. a complete class act. also, every time i read joan didion (or in this case, hear her work read) i'm just wrecked all over again. she writes in a way i wish i could write. she has perfectly communicated so many of the exact thoughts that i have it's almost unbelievable. so. brava to all of the things!

blue spotlights illuminating the otherwise dark cathedral. lovely:

this last week ben's brother christian was in town for a really fun visit (which reminds me that i need to post pictures form his trip!). on the day he flew back to california, he & ben stopped by my work for a few minutes so christian could say goodbye: 

there was that time last wednesday we were straight locked out of the subway stop (also, clogs & socckkkks)

fast-forward to today, where we saw this:

& ate here:

have a good night! **p.s. now i know who killed sam. intense!

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