Wednesday, December 17, 2014

36 weeks: an update.

baby's size: a head of romaine lettuce, anyone? (i could actually go for some caesar salad right now, since we're mentioning it.)

i'm feeling: welp i'm haaaaangin' in there. bulky belly, awkward & slow...but what else should be expected this late in the game? i feel her moving (thrashing, really), taking up a ton of space in there, & the fact that she's coming out soon feels more real than ever. after sleep being such a struggle for so long, i'm actually sleeping relatively okay these days - my body is so tired it just kind of gave up fighting the evening restlessness {for the most part}. i'm also quite nauseated much of the time - doctor says that's quite common in the third trimester, & it's because the stomach is all cramped & squished in there so acid reflux can happen a lot easier. overall, though, i really can't complain.

food love: hard boiled eggs! i could eat a great many a day. also, i can't seem to get enough apples. they always sound good.

food hate: sadly, avocados. i used to be able to eat an avocado plain, or slightly mashed with tortilla chips, but for some reason, it has not sounded appetizing at all throughout this entire pregnancy. i keep hoping it will change, because i love those guys so much, but perhaps it's not to be, especially at this point.

3 pros of december:
1. ben will have some time off around christmas! meaning lots of relaxing in pajamas, catching up on homeland & starting one or two other shows, & hot chocolate in bed (we have yet to spill, but perhaps it's only a matter of time...). all good things.
2. it's that much closer to the due date!
3. having a baby shower a few days ago with dear friends. we've been so fortunate to be gifted lots of baby gear & feel very, very loved by family & friends. it's such a help.

3 cons of december:
1. fighting through crowds on the streets & on the subway...i'm always paranoid a stranger's errant elbow is going to jab right into my belly one day without warning.
2. not quite being able to button up my warm puffer coats all the way. i have to get creative :)
3. stressing a little, everywhere we go, about where the nearest bathroom will be.

currently living in: pretty much the same as last month: leggings, long chunky cardigans, & for church on sundays, one of the three or four maternity dresses i own (i found that many dresses i already owned still fit up to a few weeks ago).

looking forward to: meeting this girl. i'm kind of to the point of impatience - i want to see her face!

dreaming about: her.

all of these slightly-boudoir photos by corinne monson.

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