Monday, December 8, 2014

happy sunday night!

hi all! i hope you enjoyed the gift ideas i posted this last week. it was really fun to scroll through sites & do some exploring to find little things here & there i thought people would enjoy. PLUS it really helped to get me in the holiday spirit, thinking about christmas, gift giving, & all the excitement of christmas morning. here's an absolutely beautiful christmas song for your sunday night/monday morning:

and one more gift idea that i didn't know how to categorize (because it's for both him and her...which, i should say, as were many other gifts on both those lists), so i'll just place it here:

even for those who don't drink cocktails, these little discussion cards seem both fun & sophisticated enough to start the conversation at your next party. (& if you're interested, my answers for the above would be, respectively, grill-it-yourself korean barbecue with my mom's sour cream apple pie for dessert, paul mccartney, bill murray, or toni morrison {although i'd really prefer more of meaningful interaction with her, like a sit-down or something} [sorry this one is obviously a hard decision for me], & ten siblings ;)).

good night!

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