Thursday, December 4, 2014

christmas gifts & stocking stuffers for sweet little toddlers & babes.

day 4 of exciting gifts for one & all!...or, in this case, the really young ones & alls. these are kind of a mix of gifts actually for the baby, or gifts for the parents of said baby. 

this adorable sock monkey blanket. $40.

speaking of which, this equally adorable sock monkey outfit. that little red hat...i die! $34.

this galaxy burp & bib set will help your baby....reach for the stars?? i'll be here all week. $28.

a customizable book to record all the funny things your little one says (because you're probably the only one who's going to think it's funny. i kid! very-in-the-near-future parent here, i'm joining your ranks soon!) $40.

these sushi booties. i mean...they're ridiculous but STILLLLLLL. $29.

an awesome little vintage speedster for ages 1 & up. it's maybe a little large & intense, but i still think it's nice to look at :) $109 (oy)

not much cuter than a naked baby all wrapped up in a towel right after a bath, amirite? i'll take one of either the bunny or elephant, please. :) $49.

little alphabet blocks the website calls "a meditation in wood of our twenty-six letter alphabet." that's quite the ringing endorsement! maybe a tad on the pricier side, & you'd have to make sure they're not a choking hazard, but they're pretty cute! $72.

this sweet little xylophone setup, $18.

& i couldn't resist adding on this little taxi after exploring the j.crew site more - although when i went back to grab the link, the price made me go, "holy &*^%$#@!??" :)

this little crown is adorable. for ages 6 months - 4 years, $48. brb, buying one for little girl frandsen asap.

the little prince felt doll. major scarf & coat fashion by him, MAJOR heart eyes emoji by me, $31.92.

a sunshine-y little print for baby's corner of the house, $12.

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