Wednesday, December 3, 2014

christmas gifts & stocking stuffers for the kids in your life.

day 3 of the gift ideas - they just keep coming! any kids in your life? this list is for you.

a portable table tennis set, complete with wristbands. $27.99.

now it can be even easier to aid their addiction to electronic devices! with this cardboard ipad tv stand. $30.

i would have been obsessed with this paintbrush vase in middle & high school - jeez, even now i'd love it. $75 (oy).

keep their wits sharp, even at mealtimes, with this puzzle dinner tray, which you can now see is 15% off!...because i couldn't find any images of the tray without that dumb banner across it :) 33 euros, or around $42.

i find this ice cream sandwich pool floatie hilarious. $23.99.

a grow your own marinara kit - yummm. teach them to boil water for pasta & YOU'VE FOUND SOMEONE TO COOK ALLLLL YOUR MEALS. $29.

the eureka! book from kate spade saturday. this looks pretty epic. i want one for myself! ordering in 5, 4, 3...$35.

drumstick pencils - my favorite local bookstore has these exact pencils for the customer to sign receipts with & i once had a very pleasant conversation with the lady at the cash register about them. $8.

a journal with all sorts of prompts to get the writing juices flowing. $17...

...& one for drawing! $17.

a chalkboard door hanger! i would have totally used one of these as a kid. back then, girls ruled, & boys drooled. $13.99.

i'm such a sucker for good buffalo check, like the one on these slippers. $39.50.

a cell phone case she or he can draw on, erase (it comes with cleaning solution!), & draw on again, $30.

i simply can't handle the cuteness that is this owl mask. for halloween or, truly, any day of the year. $38.



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