Monday, December 1, 2014

christmas gifts & stocking stuffers for her.

so i'm doing a little gift guide this year! except, i feel it's incredibly pretentious to declare that i have created a "guide" to anything, really, so instead i'll just say these are gift ideas. mostly what it is, is for the past few months, i've just been bookmarking & collecting stuff here & there that i know either i would love as a gift, or someone i know would really love. so, these gift ideas are mostly just small, quirky things for the quirky person in your life. i've got gift ideas for guys, for kids, for babies...& i'll be posting a new one every day this way. it's all actually quite exciting. 

so let's start with the laaaaadies:

the ampersand enthusiast inside of me is dancing with joy: this cheese & crackers serving board, $48.

an embroidery poster of frida kahlo that will help one feel one has maybe a percentage of the artistic talent she had! (i'm just kidding. i'm sure, whoever you are reading this, you're oozing with artistic talent & i love you), $20.

i just find this stationary so so whimsical. embroidered foxes spelling out "thank you"?! i mean, yes! $24.

the most of nora ephron. like curling up for a long chat with a best friend, $22.26.

a vintage copper pot - i'm kind of inclined to think the more used it is, the better. maybe that's just me? you can find tons on etsy, including this one above

keeping with the cookware idea for a second, this is a really gorgeous 4-piece set of le creuset stoneware that would make me finally feel like an adult who knows what she is doing in the kitchen! (just kidding, i'm not sure that will ever happen. i mean, we don't starve by any means, but no one is instagramming pictures of the meals i make anytime soon, amirite?), $99.95.

a metallic balloon dog for the art lover in your life. stick this pup on a shelf, or use as a paperweight on your desk, perhaps? jeff koons would approve. $44.99 (& these seem to be pretty limited in stock).

turn instagram photos into wrapping paper! this gift seems pretty cool, although i'm not quite sure of the logistics on this one...would you gift them wrapping paper with their instagram photos on it, which they would put on gifts to give to other people instead of being able to keep/look at it themselves? or maybe would you get this wrapping paper, with their instagram photos on it, & then wrap your gift to them in this paper? does this even make sense? can work out the details :) [photo above from HERE]. 3 sheets for $24.

a pretty, affirming necklace as well as a pretty affirming necklace, $78.

these wind chimes look exquisite in a delicate, abstract-art sort of way, & apparently sound really beautiful. perhaps there will come a time when we live somewhere that i'll be able to hang a wind chime! in the meantime, consider buying one in my honor ;) these beauts start at $58.

a set of 6 really delightfully small & cute recycled glass bottles. is this something anyone of the female persuasion would like, or just me...? :) $22.

matching pajamas were a game changer for me. i suddenly felt like i was on a 1950s movie set. pick up some here, which start at $53.

this giant embroidered feathers pillow. exquisite! $178...

...equally beautiful? this plants pillow

a deliciously scented ceramic sachet to pop into the linen closet, the clothes closet, the sock that i think about it i'm-a gonna need like five of these. $45.

the same company that makes the sachets above also makes dang nice candles. my favorite is the vanille, but you can't go wrong with any of them. $60, mini candles for $30.

these makeup sticks from nars come in lots of different shades, can be put on lips or cheeks, spread on smooth & subtle, look good on everyone, & i would like to bear my testimony of their greatness, amen. $39.

this little polka-dot pouch, because everything madewell does is good, & right, & true, $32.

this arrowhead salad server will help keep your salad, shall we say, on target. i'll be here all week. $19.00, sold individually.

and finally...

if you haven't watched it yet...the time to start is now! $44.29.

thanks for tuning in! see you soon.

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