Tuesday, December 2, 2014

christmas gifts & stocking stuffers for him.

day two of holiday gift ideas!...which are more like suggestions. :) so here we go. gift ideas for the man in your life, a brother, a dad, or just a guy you know!

these socks are pretty great, right?! i'm being almost serious when i say if i don't keep ben's socks stocked, they would slowly get holes in them one by one until he ran out completely :) $35.

a face mug that doubles as a little holder for cookies, donuts, or other treats. the eyes creep me out a little, but that mouth-holder would probably make up for it, because who has time to keep getting up to grab cookies? $18.

i don't know if it's the matte color, or the all black, but this is a very aesthetically pleasing basketball. $90.

i can think of two people who would be obsessed with this tube-squeezer: ben, & my dad. $21.95.

add to (or start) his wes anderson collection. $14.22 for the royal tenenbaums.

part phone, part lifesaver. smartphone tool case, $22.99.

stainless steel wallet, said to act as a "foolproof barrier to would-be identity thieves looking to scan the tiny radio frequencies emitted by many credit cards." :O :O :O $22.99.

the plushiest (?) of robes for when he's feeling very lord grantham-y about his cozywear. $79.

banned books match set, because rebellion knows no age limit. $5.60.

the most patriotic of spatulas. my dad would love this. we're in luck! there's also a less expensive version here. $75.

ben loves his trapper hat & now you, too, can help your guy (or just, you know, the guy you know) keep his cute ears warm with this one. $19.99.

solid pair of boots for the snow, the rain, the woods, & the apocalypse. $129.

a shirt covered in classic cars from the movies. spot the delorean from back to the future, herbie, the car they drive in dumb & dumber, & more. $20.

an awesome hand-carved walnut wood clock, $75. 

a long-sleeved flannel shirt. shall i continue? :) $65.

this LED-powered cube clock. a bonus? it comes in lots of different colors! takes 2-3 weeks to ship. 40 euros...or around $50.

let's hear it for the boys! let's give the boys a haaaaaaaand.



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