Wednesday, December 10, 2014

lately, around the internets.

i think new girl is awesome again this season, but am i the only one who secretly hopes that nick & jess will find their way back together again someday?

21 women on the dumbest thing they've spent their money on. embarrassingly, a few of these rang true for me - it's way too easy to spend money on cab fare. :O

remember american girl dolls (although they don't exactly need to be "remembered" - they're still around!)? anyway, i remember them distinctly - in that, i definitely remember NEVER GETTING ONE EVER. as you can tell, i'm totally over it :) anyway, would you wear any of these american girl outfits? i would wear that chunky white turtleneck/leggings combo in a heartbeat!

photos of famously non-smiling celebs smiling...kind of sweet.

the cutest little boy scout-type patches!

no, but this really is something i wonder about all the time in movies & film. these ladies manage to keep their eyebrows plucked? keep their faces from breaking out? how do they find time to brush their teeth?  shave their armpits?

the 25 most powerful authors in hollywood who prove, above all else, "that originality still matters." YES!

the new york times list of the 100 notable books of the year.

the top ten instagrammed places of 2014.

beautiful & true words (& a cool website layout) from a reluctant father ("it's odd. there's how you feel, & then there's how you think you should feel").

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