Wednesday, December 24, 2014

our christmas eve.

merry christmas (eve)! at 37 weeks & only growing bigger (although *technically* i'm not 37 weeks until tomorrow) i've been officially placed on the no-fly list by my doctor. ben & i knew we would be spending the holiday here in the city together/not flying to visit any family, so we made some plans to make this christmas a really good one (&, as some have pointed out to me, the last one where it's just ben & i, without kids, for...a while. crazy). ben took the WHOLE DAY OFF (an exciting rarity :)) & we started out at the metropolitan museum of art to see what is possibly the most gorgeous christmas tree in the city:

these little figures & scenes around the entire base are SO beautiful, as you'll continue to see in upcoming photos - almost overwhelmingly so. we spent a good amount of time circling the base looking at all of it & i still didn't see everything there was to see.

that sassy elephant:

the angels were much larger, in comparison to the tree, than these photos make them seem:

a dream job: setting up this entire landscape, complete with the figurines, every year.

do you spot the three wise men? that one on the far left in light blue, the one in red in the very middle of the photo with the turban & rearing horse, & the one in green to the right:

here's another photo where you can see all three of them in a line (also, another dream job: constructing all the miniature clothes worn by these figurines)

after visiting the tree, we stayed in the met for another two hours, making our way eventually to the impressionists (one of my most favorite wings in the entire muse ["muse" here being short for "museum," of course]). here are a few photos we took along the way:

every time i visit the met i try to leave having discovered three or four new favorite works stored away in my camera roll to look back on. here are the ones that stood out to me on today's visit:

reminiscent of da vinci's vitruvian man, a little bit? like the female version? what say you:

the pink sky of this van gogh:

how have i never fully noticed this van gogh?! (trying to think of a way to rhyme "van gogh" with this quote from the office; will circle back to you on that one) :

THIS MATISSE brb going to buy a print of it immediately:

you're welcome to all my snapchat friends:

after the met, we walked the few blocks up (in the rain! it was drizzly all day) to a church that was putting on a live nativity & christmas pageant...we were two of at least 75 mormons, at least in attendance :). it was cool to sing carols while being accompanied by an organ in a large stone church:

live animals spotted: a llama (can you kind of see him in the photo on the left?), four lambs, & a donkey.

after the nativity, we made our way down to times square (nightmarish, but it was the only theater with a movie time that would fit into our schedule for the day) to see the new hobbit movie. the verdict? it was fine. all good things. but even the best hobbit film doesn't even compare to the original lotrs, i think.

like i mentioned earlier, it rained almost all day today (& yet it was so hot! high 50s all day). we did pretty okay staying dry, though - ben can be kind of funny about wearing seasonably-appropriate clothing items. even if it's pouring out, i have to twist his arm to get him to not wear those light canvas sneakers & instead lace up the incredibly sensible rubber rain & snow boots he owns. he's funny. also, please to notice my hair gone completely frizzy in the photo on the right (& my dead-behind-the-eyes look it's way too easy to get on long subway rides).

before heading inside, we took a turn through columbia campus, which looks like this right now:

we ended our night back here at home with takeout chinese food, which has been a christmas eve tradition in my family my entire life (i'm pretty sure it all started back in the early days of my parents' marriage). this is an incredibly unflattering photo of the food, but trust me - it was good. 

happy day!

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