Sunday, December 28, 2014

our day after christmas.

on friday, ben & i slept in to an unreasonably late hour - while visions of sugarplums danced in our heads - then got ourselves up & over to the park avenue armory to see the "tears become...streams become..." exhibit. the armory is this gorgeous* building on the east side, originally built as a drill hall & social club for the {wealthy} new york city civil war militia. now it houses all sorts of unique plays, performances, & art installations & in general is almost too previously mentioned.* i'm really excited to share pictures of this amazing space. you can read more about the armory HERE.

the armory's drill hall is a gigantic room (photos in a second), with this high arched, industrial-type ceiling (the website likens it to giant european train stations & they're exactly right). the armory's website told me that it's one of the largest open spaces in the city! it's pretty impressive that it's remained an untouched, unobstructed space in a city that sometimes feels like it's closing in on you on all sides.

anyway, besides that, the armory has all these other side rooms that i liked just as much. the armory is this really warm building...let me see if i can describe it: the rooms are dimly lit, but comfortable, like the lighting you'd find in a fancy restaurant, & everything smells like smooth wooden floors. as always, our pictures in no way do this place justice. let's get started:

note to self: buy life-sized peacocks to place on our tree next year. since our tree will be approx. two & a half feet tall, probably one of the birds of this size in the photos will do.

such menacing, medieval light fixtures:

ah, the hallowed halls of the menz...

you know what i think we all need is more recognition given to menz:

one of the main hallways of the armory's first floor:

please for you to notice not only this fantastic display in front of the window, but the fact that ben is holding my purse:

silver trophies & awards + A SHIELD NBD:

have you heard that the bird is the word?

this guy was one of, oh, about 17 heads on the walls of this one room:

okay, now on to the "tears become...streams become..." exhibit in the drill hall! OBSERVE:

almost the entire floor of the hall is covered in water, & in the middle of it all are two grand pianos that look like they're floating. the legs of one are submerged in the water, while the other sits on a black plank.

while the water is only an inch deep or so, it looks incredibly deep & endless. it was actually a little disorienting (maybe even scary?) to stand on the very edge & look over into the water. you felt like you were going to fall into space!...or something like that.

we really tried to manipulate the light in the camera so these photos would be easier for us all to see, but in person, it was really dark in there.

water = crazy reflective = science!

ben's reflection in space the water.

space! the final frontier!

we missed it, but for a series of nights this month a pianist would walk out through the water to one of the pianos & play a series of water-themed works by liszt & debussy.

 you can read more about douglas gordon's "tears become...streams become..." here, or in this article, that says, "what’s beneath the surface is unknown, a possibly infinite darkness, which you might read as a psychological metaphor for the unconscious, whence spring inspirations of creative imagination." 



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