Monday, December 22, 2014

our weekend.

happy weekend!.......okay, yes, so it might be just a little too late to say that seeing as it's now sunday night. ben & i are side by side here on the couch, a little groundhog day playing in the background (ben's choice! & it was a good one), & we're both getting a few things done on our respective computers (him: catching up on news, me: BLOGGING FIENDISHLY). here are a few photos from this past weekend, & a little beyond that:

1. this woodland fairy getup from my baby shower last weekend. one of the hosts of the shower, stephanie, commissioned a good friend of mine (who just so happens to be a florist) to whip up this beauty of a flower crown. i felt like i was a character in balanchine's nutcracker (which, more on that later) :

2. & yes, i totally wore the flower crown the entire ride home:

3. spotted at a corner supermarket: totes apples, guys. totes apples.

4. ben & i saw whiplash this weekend, & - wow. see it. SEE IT. i can't really think of any good ways to describe it, mostly because now i'm distracted by the cutting, complex diction of jon stewart on an episode of the daily show we recorded recently, so i'll echo entertainment weekly by calling it a "thrillingly brutal masterpiece" featuring "two actors who boil over with bare-knuckle intensity." one of the best films of the year, i'd have to say (although in what realm does my opinion count?). HERE'S THE TRAILER.

5. i put this on instagram a few days ago, but here's that time my bag got stuck in the subway doors. i had to wait a few stops before the doors opened on that side again so i could pull it out, & it was a fun time. 

6. we may be finished listening as of a few hours ago, but behold, we're no closer to the truth:

7. oh heyyyy, here's me taking a quick trip to the hospital over thanksgiving break...don't worry, all, it wasn't an emergency, & it all went real quick & smooth. i feel like enough time has passed since i went, & everything about the trip was so anticlimactic, that i can share about it now & it'll be very much not-a-big-deal. my OB just wanted my blood pressure taken, & since her office was closed for the holiday, i had to go down to the blood-pressure-taking place that's open 2-4-7. they kind of went above & beyond in terms of making sure ALL OF THE THINGS were okay (hence the IV hookup & other gadgets you can see in this photo) but hey, i'm grateful for modern medicine, & it was good to make sure everything about baby was in great shape. ben being out of town while i did all this hospital-ing wasn't the funnest, but we texted like maniacs throughout.

8. ben & i saw the new york city ballet's production of the nutcracker tonight, & we had the best time. growing up, it was a tradition in my family to see the pacific northwest ballet's production of nutcracker (i saw it every christmas from the time i was 10 until i left for college) & unsurprisingly, now i love it & it has all this sentimental meaning for me. we would make a day out of it, my family, & get all dressed up & go out to eat somewhere nice beforehand. believe it or not, ben had never seen the nutcracker before tonight, so i had a lot of fun setting up the plot for him & sharing all these memories i have of the times my family went.

8.5. a few shots of the belly, post-nutcracker (i happen to be wearing the same dress i wore in these photos):

here are a few shots of the david h. koch theater at the lincoln center, where we saw nutcracker:

good night!

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