Wednesday, December 31, 2014

the end of 2014, around the internet.

the 14 best movies of the year, according to buzzfeed....& the 17 best new shows. the list of shows to watch grows by the minute.

speaking of buzzfeed - 24 amazing under-the-radar movies of the year (we watched snowpiercer a few nights ago & it was pretty fantastic).

the best tv shows of the year, according to one nyt writer.

the best movie trailers of the year, & why.

the men of jane austen - ranked! (do you agree with the #1 choice?)

in case you ever need to double check whether or not the current day is christmas day. juuuuuuust in case you need to double check.

one {admittedly pretentious} magazine's take on the best movie fashion of 2014...

...& it's {admittedly mostly silly} list of what to look out for in 2015. you'll have to keep me posted! i'll be too busy breastfeeding, or whatever.

a few from the new yorker:

do you feel "excited and scared" about the release of into the woods? we saw it on christmas day & this is a good read.

children's christmas letters to "satan"...& his responses. so funny!...there is a bit of language.

the new yorker's list of the best books of the you know you'll be familiar with, like, maybe 5% of them :)

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  1. Persuasion is my favorite Jane Austen story, but I happen to think Mr. Knightley is the best male protagonist, so I'm happy with the Jane Austen rankings. Happy 2015



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