Friday, January 2, 2015

2014: our year in review.

2014 was a good year for our little family. like anyone else, we had our setbacks & disappointments - but we also had some real nice moments. here's a quick look back:

january was pretty low-key. all finished up with classwork, i was doggedly writing my thesis full-time...& working full-time. ben's schedule for a lot of this year included putting in long hours working & researching on campus & tutoring most nights. we participated in a food marathon that took us all over the 5 boroughs. i CAN'T believe was a year ago now. it feels so, so recent.

february also didn't have much happening. we ate steak on valentine's day, visited the 9/11 memorial with our church youth group, & celebrated benjamin's birthday, at which point i made a list of 27 reasons why i'm crazy about that ocean-eyed physicist. it was a month in which we mostly geared up for the happenings of the next month...

...that's right, march was a  big month. we saw the avett brothers at the barclays center, i traveled to boston for a frandsen sister's reunion...

...& we took a trip to china! ben had a conference & we turned it into a week-long stay in beijing. i was able to get us around with my [admittedly a tad rusty] chinese, we hiked along the great wall, ate delicious food, had a few of those famously painful massages, & tried not to let the pollution affect us in any long-term way. (you can read about our china trip day one part one & part two, day two, our hike along the great wall, day four, & our indulgent day five).

on the streets:

braving the crowds at the forbidden city:

a great day on a great wall:

beef noodle soup that is so, so good:

in april we stayed at a cabin outside the city with friends during conference weekend, & i ran in both a 10k & a half marathon

in may we celebrated our 3-year anniversary, i finished my thesis, & we learned that i was pregnant! all good things.

june was a big month. i graduated with my master's degree in english (& we announced my pregnancy to both sets of parents while they were in town that weekend!) & we took another trip...

...this time to europe! it was truly lovely, marred only by the fact that i was pretty throw up-y for some of the time. but even blowing chow in the parking lot in front of stonehenge couldn't stop us from really enjoying ourselves. we were there just shy of a month, & all told, we made stops in zurich, salzburg, vienna, london & hartwell, england, edinburgh, the scottish highlands, coma-ruga, & barcelona. we visited the swiss alps, stonehenge, the hundertwasser haus, the cliffs of dover, & much more. we stayed in europe through july. later that month we saw jay-z & beyonce perform at the barclays center.

in vienna:


cliffs of dover:

in coma ruga, spain:

in scotland:

in barcelona:

in august i announced my pregnancy here on the blog. we spent a few days in montauk after ben had some work out there, then a weekend in montreal while he attended a conference, & then a week in vancouver, bc.

crashing waves (albeit mini ones) in montauk:

checking out downtown montreal:

poutine in montreal:

at vancouver's [really well done] shakespeare festival:

& biking around stanley park with my parents:

in september we saw the black keys at the barclays center, my little baby bump was starting to pop a bit (we found out the gender in august!), & i ran a ragnar in the adirondacks with some good friends. it was a great time, but soon after that, much to my dismay, my doc told me to start taking it easy.

october was fun. ben ran in a tough mudder, i went to the blaze with some friends (comparisons of the size of my belly to that of a pumpkin were inevitable), & my pregnancy kept rolling along. ALSO, for halloween ben & i dressed up as reverend dimmsdale & hester prynne from the scarlet letter, thus utilizing my belly in the greatest way ever since its creation. on halloween night we attended procession of the ghouls & took a few photos in the dark cathedral afterwards.

at the blaze:

in the cathedral:

november was the month of family visits, during which we enjoyed the company of both ben's older sister naomi & his younger brother christian. ben has good people. we also fulfilled a longtime dream of mine & saw carmen, & it came to pass i could no longer tie or untie my shoes.

all this brings us to last month, december. my friend corinne took a few photos of my burgeoning belly, & ben & i took advantage of the holiday time off & enjoyed a string of fun days together - christmas eve, christmas day, & the day after christmas (there's gotta be a better name for that day...boxing day, i guess?? :). we sent out our environmentally-friendly christmas card [which i'm certain everyone received with great rejoicing], sang in our stake christmas concert with a few other people (we formed a "ten-tet," to be exact, i know that to be the official name of a singing group of ten people) my friends threw me a beautiful baby shower, & we saw the nutcracker.

the tree at the met on christmas eve:

our charlie brown tree on christmas day:

ben taking it all in at the armory on boxing day(?) :

the armory exhibit we saw on boxing day:

photos from the shoot with corinne inside the ny public library:

& from when we went outside:

& our christmas card:

2014, we were happy to know ya! of course, as always, i write this wholly recognizing that this blog post, one that took me a solid three hours to compile, gather photos for, & write, will take you about a minute to read through. & that is wholly unfair :) let's hear it for 2015 - the big year, the BABY year.

check out the year-in-reviews i did for 2012 & 2011...i guess i just wasn't feeling it in 2013? sorry, guys.

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