Monday, January 5, 2015

maternity photo shoot, part 4.

i have to say that out of all the (anti-) maternity photos corinne took of me, the batch in this post might be some of my favorite. i apologize to you all for having to look at my ugly mug a few more times in these upcoming pictures. here we go:

i promise i'm enjoying this pregnancy (or at least surviving it ;) ), although my face in the photo below might suggest otherwise:

in this one i look especially distressed: 

aren't these stairs such a good find? central park is a wide place full of wonders (& the occasional dog poop that hasn't been picked up, or whatever)

this one is a favorite of mine, i'd have to say:

these next two are favorites, as well:

jeez the belly looks huge in this next one (i'm sorry, you're probably like, "DUH, shayla," but sometimes i forget what my belly looks like. if that makes sense? it's like those times you get a new haircut, & then whenever you catch your reflection over the next few days you're kinda startled into remembering what you now look like.)

let's call this next one "pondering epistemology & episiotomy" :

p.s. i just told that epistemological title to ben & he said "GROSS." haha.



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