Wednesday, February 25, 2015

norah, less than a week old.

one of my big things during pregnancy was that i desperately wanted to know what this girl growing inside of me would look like. would she favor one of her parents more than the other?? & if so, which one? & on & on. the sad thing was, i could never really picture her entering our world, or me holding her, or what she would look like wearing any of the sweet little clothes we bought for her, or anything like that, because i couldn't picture her face

anyway, lo & behold now she's here now, obviously, face & all. i can finally put a face to all my imaginings of her. the funny thing is, her face is constantly changing. just when i think i've got a handle on which parent she looks like, or a general belief that her face has finally settled on what it's going to look like, it's all different the next day. 

also, weirdly, sometimes when she naps i almost forget what her face looks like. if i complete a lot of tasks while she sleeps, or my mind goes to a million other places, i'll suddenly remember with a start, "jeez. i have a daughter!!! what's her name again??" haha. so when she wakes up, it's this whole new exciting process for me of rediscovering & remembering "oh yeah, that's what our baby looks like."

anyway, here are some pictures by the always amazing corinne of a just-a-few-days-old norah eliot. it goes without saying she looks way different now, & her hairline hath receded greatly.

these days, i've been listening to this band, started this book, & am watching this show while norah eats (may god bless & keep you alwayyyys, & may your wishes all come true!)

Friday, February 20, 2015

this week, on the internet.

this is a several months old now, but john malkovich transforming into the characters of iconic photographs is, i think, pretty brilliant.

are you watching better call saul? what IS up with his brother's "disease"?

the best shows on netflix right now. perfect for when staying in because of cold weather, trying to avoid catching those winter colds, caring for a newborn, or what-have-you.

one of my good friends is a book editor & we love discussing our latest reads. also, whatever she recommends, i read. i just finished this one that she gave me.

the oscars are coming up! fire up your oscar-predicting brains.

also, a look inside the swag bags oscar nominees receive. it's crazy - the list keeps going, & going, & going...

also, the best food moments from the best picture nominees this year. i've been doing research on this one for the dishes we'll be having at our oscar party this sunday...

this taylor swift/true detective mashup isn't the most clever one on the block, but it was nice to hear the true detective theme song again & feel that familiar thrill in my heart i would get whenever we started up another episode of the show...that time we binge-watched the entire season in, like, a day.

i'm actually pretty excited for gap's 12-part instagram campaign to continue unveiling itself.

re: new york fashion week that happened recently, the bcbg max azria collection was real fun to look through. lots of pretty clothes.

the love one man has for his nutella: i got nothing but respect.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

george harrison, rethought.

i recently purchased the beatles anthology, & ben & i have been working our way through it (i watched the anthology through in its entirety once with friends in college; ben has never seen it!) with a new episode every night or so. watching it has reminded me of the belief i've been forming the last few years, namely, that george might actually be the most handsome one in the group (i was all about paul for many, many years). observe:

this outfit:

aaaaand george harrison with a kitten:

anyway, that's all. just a quick george harrison PSA. photos from here, here, here, here, here.

Friday, February 13, 2015

the four week faces of norah.

as of yesterday, our little norah eliot is four weeks old! here is a look back at some of her best faces to date:

side eye one way...

...& side eye the other way.


bright eyed baby in a boppy:

here's the face she has 90% of the time, that is, VERY INTENSE STARING AT A WALL OR LIGHT FIXTURE:

gnomeward bound:

off to make her eighties exercise video:

as captioned on instagram, whale, whale, whale, what do we have here?

& two more pictures from that little whale photo sesh we had on our bed bc they're the sweetest (also, lest we forget, her hair in the photo on the right is pretty fantastic):

smiles at 3 1/2 weeks old: myth, or reality? part 1:

smiles at 3 1/2 weeks old: myth, or reality? part 2:

smiles at 3 1/2 weeks old: myth, or reality? part 3:

"smiling, or pooping?" parts 1 & 2:

Sunday, February 8, 2015


with a newborn now in the mix, flu season in full swing, & it being so cold outside, i haven't been getting out much - & that's okay with me. the weather is so dreary that i wouldn't be wanting to be out & about much even if i weren't caring for a sweet & squishy little newb. 

the four of us took a walk down into riverside park a few weeks ago while my mom was in town. it was only for a few minutes, because as you can see in these pictures, it was not exactly a pleasant day. being new & nervous parents (yep, we're those parents) we wrapped little norah eliot up in approx. seventeen layers. 

although i was still in the throes of healing from the most unspeakably intense physical ordeal i had ever been through in my life (i'm barely just coming out the other side), it was good to go on a little walk, get some of that fresh air, & remember that there is life after a baby ;)

two mamas [side note: it still hasn't fully clicked in my head that i'm a mom & norah is my daughter. i still sometimes see baby norah as a small little friend ben & i have been charged to care for, & that we'll, like, give her back to her real mom someday. as in, we're kind of just babysitting her long term. does that make sense? anyone else ever feel this way?] :

two mamas, part two:

Thursday, February 5, 2015

three weeks ago today.

so, news flash, probably surprising absolutely no one: it's really hard to maintain a blog while caring for a newborn! a few photos from three weeks ago today:

i call this one what 11.5 hours of quick, intense labor on 2 hours of sleep followed by a hazy, ambien-induced night of sleep does to a person:

(i was still so jumpy & on such a huge rush many, many hours after giving birth that i wasn't able to fall asleep that night, hence the ambien from the night nurse, leading to priceless quotes from me such as, "are we going to scotland?" [i had just been talking about outlander a few hours before with two of my friends who came to visit us, one of whom had recently finished the book] & "is this a competition?", this latter question i asked while nursing norah, which i have absolutely no memory of doing. i do have a memory of seeing two of everything for a few minutes: two clocks on the wall, two dinner trays, two norahs...high times at roosevelt hospital!)

i call this one what 11.5 hours of labor on 2 hours of sleep followed by a hazy, ambien-induced night of sleep does to a person, part 2:

look at that sweet squisher face:

i love how you can see the bandaid on my arm in these photos, because it's so indicative of the state my body was in at the moment: i had been poked & stuck & fiddled with in so many places on my body that even now i can't remember them all. 

let's pull in real close on norah eliot:

newborn smooches:

& her fabulous hair:

we love our baby norah, & nothing is the same. <3


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