Wednesday, February 25, 2015

norah, less than a week old.

one of my big things during pregnancy was that i desperately wanted to know what this girl growing inside of me would look like. would she favor one of her parents more than the other?? & if so, which one? & on & on. the sad thing was, i could never really picture her entering our world, or me holding her, or what she would look like wearing any of the sweet little clothes we bought for her, or anything like that, because i couldn't picture her face

anyway, lo & behold now she's here now, obviously, face & all. i can finally put a face to all my imaginings of her. the funny thing is, her face is constantly changing. just when i think i've got a handle on which parent she looks like, or a general belief that her face has finally settled on what it's going to look like, it's all different the next day. 

also, weirdly, sometimes when she naps i almost forget what her face looks like. if i complete a lot of tasks while she sleeps, or my mind goes to a million other places, i'll suddenly remember with a start, "jeez. i have a daughter!!! what's her name again??" haha. so when she wakes up, it's this whole new exciting process for me of rediscovering & remembering "oh yeah, that's what our baby looks like."

anyway, here are some pictures by the always amazing corinne of a just-a-few-days-old norah eliot. it goes without saying she looks way different now, & her hairline hath receded greatly.

these days, i've been listening to this band, started this book, & am watching this show while norah eats (may god bless & keep you alwayyyys, & may your wishes all come true!)

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