Friday, February 20, 2015

this week, on the internet.

this is a several months old now, but john malkovich transforming into the characters of iconic photographs is, i think, pretty brilliant.

are you watching better call saul? what IS up with his brother's "disease"?

the best shows on netflix right now. perfect for when staying in because of cold weather, trying to avoid catching those winter colds, caring for a newborn, or what-have-you.

one of my good friends is a book editor & we love discussing our latest reads. also, whatever she recommends, i read. i just finished this one that she gave me.

the oscars are coming up! fire up your oscar-predicting brains.

also, a look inside the swag bags oscar nominees receive. it's crazy - the list keeps going, & going, & going...

also, the best food moments from the best picture nominees this year. i've been doing research on this one for the dishes we'll be having at our oscar party this sunday...

this taylor swift/true detective mashup isn't the most clever one on the block, but it was nice to hear the true detective theme song again & feel that familiar thrill in my heart i would get whenever we started up another episode of the show...that time we binge-watched the entire season in, like, a day.

i'm actually pretty excited for gap's 12-part instagram campaign to continue unveiling itself.

re: new york fashion week that happened recently, the bcbg max azria collection was real fun to look through. lots of pretty clothes.

the love one man has for his nutella: i got nothing but respect.

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