Sunday, February 8, 2015


with a newborn now in the mix, flu season in full swing, & it being so cold outside, i haven't been getting out much - & that's okay with me. the weather is so dreary that i wouldn't be wanting to be out & about much even if i weren't caring for a sweet & squishy little newb. 

the four of us took a walk down into riverside park a few weeks ago while my mom was in town. it was only for a few minutes, because as you can see in these pictures, it was not exactly a pleasant day. being new & nervous parents (yep, we're those parents) we wrapped little norah eliot up in approx. seventeen layers. 

although i was still in the throes of healing from the most unspeakably intense physical ordeal i had ever been through in my life (i'm barely just coming out the other side), it was good to go on a little walk, get some of that fresh air, & remember that there is life after a baby ;)

two mamas [side note: it still hasn't fully clicked in my head that i'm a mom & norah is my daughter. i still sometimes see baby norah as a small little friend ben & i have been charged to care for, & that we'll, like, give her back to her real mom someday. as in, we're kind of just babysitting her long term. does that make sense? anyone else ever feel this way?] :

two mamas, part two:



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