Tuesday, March 31, 2015

san an-iphone-io, part 1.

although our san antonio trip was a good month ago now, i realized the other day i had just a few more photos from our trip that were hanging out on my iphone, ready to be shared. one such photo was this priceless one in which norah's first flip of the bird is officially documented:

on this particular church day in san antonio, jonathan & rachel's sweet little mary had her baby blessing. norah wore her best red bonnet for the occasion:

after which the two babes promptly held a fervid staring contest:

norah's eyes & eyebrows continue to be incredibly, even uncommonly expressive, such as when her displeasure with the local weather was made manifest...

...or her benevolent tolerance with all of the things during the car ride home:

to say that i'm obsessed with the sweet little pop of red this bonnet gives her outfits is an understatement:

norah & her uncle christiano:

i concede that norah & her mama do seem to look quite alike in this particular photo:

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one particularly epic & important part of the trip was our visit to in-n-out. YOU GUYS. san antonio has an in-n-out, i repeat, SAN ANTONIO HAS AN IN-N-OUT.  when did that happen? why? how? you know what, i don't even care how such a beautiful circumstance came about. i was so overjoyed. making everything even more momentous was this salient fact:

also, this photo i put on instagram, captioned "arguably the two most important things to ever occupy my belly." #true

part 2 coming, sometime!

Monday, March 30, 2015

new favorite dress.

i've found my new favorite dress, you guys, & i can't help but share this news with the world.

those intricate red designs <3

i will be honest & say i hate the shoes & belt i chose. we were kind of in a rush to get to church so i kind of threw everything else on without as much thought as i would've liked, but even if i had had lots of time i still wouldn't have known what shoes to wear with it, or if a belt was even necessary. if anyone has any thoughts on this matter...let me know? :/

here is the dress (looks like it's sold out, frown), & while i do like these shoes, i've hung on to them for largely sentimental reasons

one of the best parts of this numbah is the little hearts you find scattered throughout:

anyway, a great dress. i guess that's all i wanted you to know. :)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

everyone gather round the internet round-up.

what type of sense of humor do you have? i got "witty."

slouching towards bethlehem the sex talk: one father's thoughts on teaching sexuality to his girls.

an old essay from the new yorker. it's by lena dunham, so therefore it's full of a) frank discussion of stereotypically uncomfortable topics, b) observations i wished i'd made & one-liners i wish i'd said, c) swearz, & d) immensely readable thoughts.

two beautiful, amazing, inspiring, fantastic projects HERE, & HERE. (photo below from that first link)

a peek at a day in the life of a venture capitalist & mother of two. granted, it's a day in her life from five years ago, but i found a lot of what she said really sensible, & it's motivated me to want to make my days more productive & effective.

do you watch girls? i have a few more episodes to watch from this season before i'm all caught up. here's an article on how to dress like the girls of girls.

"feminist tinder."

okay everyone, real talk: i absolutely love, love staying at home doing the *mom* thing with norah. it is incredibly challenging, fulfilling, & joyful. i'm obsessed. but, only 2.5 months into this lovely gig & i already have to fight feeling like i'm totally lazy when i'm still in bed feeding norah, or catching up on some sleep, while ben does the morning hustle of preparation to get out the door & onto campus for his full day of work. i know it's not being lazy, this caring for our tiny beautiful norah eliot that i do, but it's hard for me, sometimes, to not feel like i've taken the lazy way out by staying home with her & not continuing my education or work opportunities. i think a lot of it is my personality; i'm restless by nature, always looking for the next project to undertake, the next book to read, the next race to run, the next...whatever. i look at the life of a SAHM &...sometimes there's just a slow, seeping, quiet feeling of dread that comes over me. i want to look forward to it, & i do. but also, knowing myself, i know that i might not love it. i'm sorry to say it, folks, but it's true. all of this to say, this post perfectly captures a lot of the severely complicated feelings i have about stay-at-home motherhood. it's really worth a read. here's a bit of it:

Recently, as I’ve talked more about my struggles of being at home with the kids, I realize I’m not alone. I look around, and see many of my friends, who’ve also chosen to stay at home with their kids, feeling overwhelmed, depressed and isolated the way I do. Many have started trying to find little jobs and activities they can do on the side, in order to maintain sanity. The stories are a little different for each stay-at-home mother I’ve talked to. What seems to be common though, for mothers who’ve been at home a few years is that no one I know seems perfectly happy just being at home as a parent day in day out. Everyone seems to have to work pretty darn hard to not feel like they’re drowning in some dark hole. And if they are no longer in that dark place, it seems like they have been at some point at least...
But it bothers me that [my husband & I are] still in this position to begin with. We’ve never considered anything else. We always figured the best and right thing to do for us, would be that my husband gets his career going to provide, and that I’ll be at home. Now we’re finding that path doesn’t really make us happy, and we both wished we would have considered our future family set up with more ideas in mind in order to find a path that really fit our needs and wants. The current set-up is simply not balanced, and slowly drives me insane being with little kids constantly, while it leaves my husband feeling like he’s missing out on so much with his children – and both of us feel like we can’t do much to improve the situation of the other.
...on a lighter note, seven questions you were too embarrassed to ask about zayn leaving one direction.

my friend told me about this app recently. it's intense! also, check out the reviews.

this movie is playing at a tiny theater near us. i'm planning on seeing it!

"when your child speaks a language you don't."

& finally, do you suffer from pop culture exhaustion? one xojane writer says (careful, there's a bit of the swearz coming up):

"I mean, it’s every damn day — a new John Oliver thing, or a new Jimmy Fallon thing, or President Obama on a talk show, or some guy director doing a nifty thing with this movie, or this band based on Foucault or some shit, or this reality show, or a book by a white dude about a white dude but the white dude who’s recommending it swears that it’s really unique, or this trending news piece about some horrible person, or a woman writing a thinkpiece about feminism, or Bill Cosby, and oh, by the way, I’m also out of the loop for not yet understanding ISIS/ISIL and Boko Haram, on top of everything else."

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

baby's first flight(s).

i was feeling more than a little trepidation going into norah's first-ever flight (that we took to san antonio a few weeks ago). i didn't know whether to be excited or bugged that we had layovers both on the way there & on the way back.

ben got us seats in the very last row of almost every flight, which actually helped me feel a lot better. if norah were to cry, at least she wouldn't be bothering people in front of, beside, behind us - she would only be bothering the people in two of those groups. :)

but! luckily for us, norah was nothing but an angel for 90% of our airplane time. look how sweet she was on our flight to houston! ...

...& sprawled across both our laps on the same flight :) we even got in a little movie-watching time (godzilla for him, dallas buyers club for me) :

i suppose one would actually have to accompany ben on a flight to understand how truly intense he gets in airports. for example, in the security line he has this laser focus, to the point of almost anger, about getting his belongings, shoes, etc. off & on in the quickest amount of time possible. it started to really stress me out, so now whenever we're in a security line about to go through i give him a very soothing talk about how it's not a race, we've got lots of time before the airplane takes off, the people behind us will be (at least a little) patient while he puts his shoes back on, & so forth. 

anyway, ben's airport intensity flag flew high & proud when he insisted on carrying absolutely everything we brought so a) we could get off the plane really fast (although we were sitting in the very last row :) & b) i could fully focus on carrying norah...although i insisted i could have easily carried at least one or two of our things:

norah holding ben's finger <3

anyway, i'm happy to report that this experience has fully demystified the concept of flying with a two month old baby...but i'll probably be freaking out a little with every new age that she is. "what'll it be like flying with a four month old?!" "what'll it be like flying with a seven month old?!" & so on :)

Monday, March 23, 2015

baby's first trip to the Met.

despite a crazy blizzard depressingly ushering in the first day of spring the day before, saturday was really delightful. it was cold, but the sun was out - perfect conditions for a brisk run in the park. i've got a few races coming up (like, really soon - less than a month now, yikes), so i'm pushing myself to be in shape enough to not embarrass myself too much. 

in the afternoon, we took a trip to the metropolitan museum of art. i really love the met on saturdays, despite it always being incredibly crowded wtihout fail. also! not only was this norah's first time at the met, it was also norah's first time at any museum ever!...you guys, she's a baby, i'm 98% sure she had no idea what was going on. but we love her.


when we were first entering the museum, the guards checked the contents of my purse & then said roughly to ben, "sir, what are you carrying there?" ben moved down the scarf/blanket down a little & said, "a baby." apparently the guard waited just a quick beat before breaking out into a huge smile & waving him through. 

also, ben put his admission sticker right above her head in the wrap - a wonderful small detail from our day. this little met baby:

so yeah, the met on a saturday is always crazy crowded, especially there in the main entryway. i love norah peeking out from papa's sling, looking so small & cozy among all the bustling & humming of museumgoers:

the met has a few different sculpture gardens. this one bathed in natural light is excellent:

our apartment doesn't really have any natural light (have i mentioned that, although it is delightful overall, our apartment has several cave-like qualities?), so in a place like this sculpture garden, i just drink it in:

we wandered through the african art, which is something we haven't done in a while. check out this breastfeeding statue!

...& this one where the headdress is actually two snakes that are in turn devouring small animals :O :O :O

the colors of this one [heart eyes emoji] :

& some from the oceania wing right next door to the african art:

these three guys are actually instruments! the met tells us these are some of the largest instruments in the world (you can the side of it, similar to a drum) :

this guy's like, "follow me to the oreos!"

i want to run my hands over this byzantine-era mosaic to feel all the individual tiles so badly, but don't worry. #ididnt:

persephone, daughter of zeus, holding court there in the middle:

these guys are like, "last one to the oreos is a rotten egg"

we made it all the way over to the impressionist wing to catch a few monets before norah needed a minute:

maybe one day norah will be like, "my mom nursed me in the met!" maybe. who knows what her future will hold:

these two buddies <3

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

after her statue-side feeding, norah was perfectly happy, content, & quietly taking in ALL OF THE THINGS with her particularly enormous, bright eyes (which is the state she is in 90% of the time she is awake). walking with her & ben around the relatively empty & sunlit sculpture garden, quietly whispering in her ear my observations of the artwork around us, is now my favorite family memory with her to date:

her face in these next few photos is, like, the sun & the moon right now. THE CUTENESS:

her smile in this one:

later, we got takeout from blockheads (steak burritos are a true & great thing i need in my life), put norah to sleep, & watched an episode or two of the new season of house of cards. an a+ day.


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