Tuesday, March 24, 2015

baby's first flight(s).

i was feeling more than a little trepidation going into norah's first-ever flight (that we took to san antonio a few weeks ago). i didn't know whether to be excited or bugged that we had layovers both on the way there & on the way back.

ben got us seats in the very last row of almost every flight, which actually helped me feel a lot better. if norah were to cry, at least she wouldn't be bothering people in front of, beside, behind us - she would only be bothering the people in two of those groups. :)

but! luckily for us, norah was nothing but an angel for 90% of our airplane time. look how sweet she was on our flight to houston! ...

...& sprawled across both our laps on the same flight :) we even got in a little movie-watching time (godzilla for him, dallas buyers club for me) :

i suppose one would actually have to accompany ben on a flight to understand how truly intense he gets in airports. for example, in the security line he has this laser focus, to the point of almost anger, about getting his belongings, shoes, etc. off & on in the quickest amount of time possible. it started to really stress me out, so now whenever we're in a security line about to go through i give him a very soothing talk about how it's not a race, we've got lots of time before the airplane takes off, the people behind us will be (at least a little) patient while he puts his shoes back on, & so forth. 

anyway, ben's airport intensity flag flew high & proud when he insisted on carrying absolutely everything we brought so a) we could get off the plane really fast (although we were sitting in the very last row :) & b) i could fully focus on carrying norah...although i insisted i could have easily carried at least one or two of our things:

norah holding ben's finger <3

anyway, i'm happy to report that this experience has fully demystified the concept of flying with a two month old baby...but i'll probably be freaking out a little with every new age that she is. "what'll it be like flying with a four month old?!" "what'll it be like flying with a seven month old?!" & so on :)

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