Monday, March 30, 2015

new favorite dress.

i've found my new favorite dress, you guys, & i can't help but share this news with the world.

those intricate red designs <3

i will be honest & say i hate the shoes & belt i chose. we were kind of in a rush to get to church so i kind of threw everything else on without as much thought as i would've liked, but even if i had had lots of time i still wouldn't have known what shoes to wear with it, or if a belt was even necessary. if anyone has any thoughts on this matter...let me know? :/

here is the dress (looks like it's sold out, frown), & while i do like these shoes, i've hung on to them for largely sentimental reasons

one of the best parts of this numbah is the little hearts you find scattered throughout:

anyway, a great dress. i guess that's all i wanted you to know. :)

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