Sunday, March 8, 2015

norah eliot & mary alice.

our niece mary alice jardine was born about a week before little miss norah. as someone who has many cousins born around the same time as me, i'm pretty excited that these two are so close in age. as you can tell from these photos, they've become instant best friends. :)

mary's got some nice active arm movements. she really goes to town. i love their interaction in this one:

norah had a sudden burst of giant smiles & happiness. are you ready/can you handle it?

we tried linking their sweet arms together:

i could scroll through these photos all day, but that's because one of these little peanuts is my daughter & basically i'm obsessed with her, & the other little peanut is my adorable niece, so that makes the scrollability (A WORD) of this post that much higher. that being said, i totally understand if you don't want to scroll through a bunch of annoying baby photos posted by an annoying new parent, soooooo i made a jump. click on through, or don't!

you clicked through! congrats on making the right choice.

norah's band-aids from her shots a few days ago ;( ;( ;(

mary alice's socks are very cute:

enter mary's older sister rosie for some cuddles:

rosie's pose in this one is pretty excellent:

norah, slowly sinking into the couch pillows...

i love the way they're holding their hands sort of the same way:

...while mary alice slowly leans foward :)

picture of a picture:


  1. Can't stop looking at these!!! I think Mary Alice has a future as an 80's aerobic instructor.

  2. I am obsessed!!!! Oh my goodness!!!



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