Tuesday, March 17, 2015

our san antonio trip.

so last week (or was it the week before, now?) ben attended a big physics conference in san antonio. the meeting is so big & so well known people in the know simply call it "the march meeting," & other in the know persons know exactly what he or she is talking about. norah & i tagged along for the week (it was my first actual trip to texas!...because only being in the airport doesn't count :/ ) & we all stayed with ben's sister rachel & her husband jonathan. they live right there in san antonio, close to ben's conference location, so ALL THE THINGS WERE PERFECT.

on wednesday ben showed us around the convention center where his conference was being held (i wanted him to be in the photo below, because it is the entryway to the place where his conference was, but he was worried someone might see him, heaven forbid, posing for a photograph)

the convention center was within walking distance of the river walk (there seems to be some online conflict as to whether "riverwalk" is one word or two?), so we headed down there to check it out after lunch (i ate this barbecue sandwich thing for lunch with norah strapped to the front of me & not only did i not spill any brisket on her THE ENTIRE TIME, high-five emoji, but she stayed asleep the whole time. win(s)!). i really, really loved the river walk: it's this wonderful & tricked-out stretch of path right through the center of the city. perfect for a stroll:

a few moments after this picture was taken a giant tourist barge floated around the corner & under that lovely ivy-covered bridge:

we then checked out the alamo which, amazing historical significance notwithstanding, was unfortunately slightly underwhelming. but good to check off the life bucket-list, i suppose. we did find this spectacular tree inside the grounds, & you can check out more (& by "more" i mean, just one photo) of our alamo trip here.

ala-one-mo' photo from the alamo:

the next day, we drove to a small, random-A town called schulenberg. the only significance of that little place (settled by germans! which ben knows because in order to complete his german major at byu, he wrote a thesis on texas germans. who knew?) is that it is the halfway point, more or less, between san antonio & houston, where my cousin lauren lives. when in texas, MUST MEET UP WITH LAUREN:

these two had a nice little introduction to each other (^^i love norah's face in this one^^)

we ate at this kitschy/cool dance hall-turned-restaurant. the food was only so-so, but the atmosphere was pretty fantastic. as was the company. as was the decor:

that cardboard cutout there on the right is definitely elvis:

a great visit we had to san an,* 
ben did his science, we saw lots of fam,
we want to go back,
texas barbecue we lack,
& we want to see more of the fran(dsens).

the worst limerick ever

*(do people even call it that?? :/ :/ ).


  1. Our event could not have gone more smoothly. Huge thanks to the amazing manager of the convention center for their consummate professionalism and outstanding hospitality. We look forward to many more years at this lovely place.



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