Tuesday, March 31, 2015

san an-iphone-io, part 1.

although our san antonio trip was a good month ago now, i realized the other day i had just a few more photos from our trip that were hanging out on my iphone, ready to be shared. one such photo was this priceless one in which norah's first flip of the bird is officially documented:

on this particular church day in san antonio, jonathan & rachel's sweet little mary had her baby blessing. norah wore her best red bonnet for the occasion:

after which the two babes promptly held a fervid staring contest:

norah's eyes & eyebrows continue to be incredibly, even uncommonly expressive, such as when her displeasure with the local weather was made manifest...

...or her benevolent tolerance with all of the things during the car ride home:

to say that i'm obsessed with the sweet little pop of red this bonnet gives her outfits is an understatement:

norah & her uncle christiano:

i concede that norah & her mama do seem to look quite alike in this particular photo:

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one particularly epic & important part of the trip was our visit to in-n-out. YOU GUYS. san antonio has an in-n-out, i repeat, SAN ANTONIO HAS AN IN-N-OUT.  when did that happen? why? how? you know what, i don't even care how such a beautiful circumstance came about. i was so overjoyed. making everything even more momentous was this salient fact:

also, this photo i put on instagram, captioned "arguably the two most important things to ever occupy my belly." #true

part 2 coming, sometime!

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